Wei Tao presided over the extended meeting of the Municipal Standing Committee

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Enlarged meeting of the standing committee of municipal party committee held a further in-depth study xi general secretary in our province to inspect investigation sympathy cadres at the grass-roots level the important instructions spirit WeiTao hosted on February 7, enlarged meeting of the standing committee of municipal party committee, xi general secretary in our province to investigate further learning research visit condolences to cadres at the grass-roots level the important instructions spirit, in the current working arrangement deployment.Provincial party committee, party secretary Wei Tao presided over.Zhang Xinwei, Wei Min, Cao Xuecheng made an exchange speech around the learning experience.Conference pointed out that the further study in the party to carry out the party’s spirit of the sixth plenary session of the nineteenth, celebrate the victory at the critical moment, the party’s 20 to promote high quality development, flood control and disaster relief in our province to rebuild major achievements were made in the critical moment, xi jinping, general secretary for the third time in five years in shanxi, deep research into rural, bump unit, enterprise line survey,This message of concern and sympathy from the CPC Central Committee to the grassroots cadres and people fully demonstrates the CPC Central Committee and General Secretary Xi Jinping’s continued care and love for the cadres and people in Shanxi and their consistent support for the work of Shanxi. It has added new impetus, inspired new morale and stimulated new energy for us.The important instructions made by General Secretary Xi Jinping during his investigations and studies are forward-looking and broad in vision, rich in content and specific in requirements. They are highly political, ideological, targeted and guiding, and they must be adhered to in our work for a long time to come.The meeting stressed that all levels and departments of the city should take studying, publicizing and implementing the spirit of general Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on investigation and research as an important political task, strengthen organizational leadership, elaborate plans and elaborate arrangements in accordance with the unified deployment of the Provincial Party Committee, and rapidly rise the upsurge of learning, publicity and implementation in the city.The standing Committee of the Municipal Party committee and municipal leaders should improve their political position, adhere to the above rate, deeply understand the core essence, spiritual essence, rich connotation and practical requirements, and set a good example for the city’s party members and cadres.Party committees at all levels should, with a high sense of political responsibility, do a good job in their study, publicity and implementation, and ensure that the latest requirements and ardent expectations of the General Secretary are immediately communicated to every Party member and official.Party schools at all levels (administrative schools) should formulate training plans scientifically and train and rotate cadres at all levels.Publicity departments at all levels should make use of traditional media and emerging network media and other carriers to do a good job in publicity and reporting, and actively create a strong atmosphere for learning publicity and implementation.The meeting stressed that the city’s various departments at all levels and the broad masses of party members and cadres to stand at the height of politics and global consciously, resolutely safeguard established “two”, resolutely do “two maintenance”, the general secretary of the study and implementation jinping investigation research important indicator spirit into work performance results, to ensure that all are rooted to the ground, and everything works, promote the development of high quality new breakthrough unceasingly,To continue to write a new chapter of Shanxi practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era to make contributions to the provincial capital.First, we need to accelerate high-quality development.Industrial transformation as the top priority, with the construction of Taixin Integrated Economic Zone (Taiyuan District) as the traction, based on high-end equipment manufacturing, information technology and other advantageous fields, strong leading, chain extension, cluster, vigorously develop new energy industry, actively develop building economy, headquarters economy, foster the development of platform economy,We will promote the formation of a tiered industrial development pattern with emerging industries as the forerunner, ten-billion-level industries as the backbone, and hundred-billion-level industries as the leader.Second, we will vigorously implement rural vitalization.We will develop high-standard farmland, actively develop large-scale and ecological farming, and continue to ensure stable grain supply.We will strictly implement the four requirements, strengthen monitoring of efforts to prevent poverty from returning to poverty, and consolidate our achievements in poverty alleviation.We will refine standards and strengthen measures to speed up the construction of beautiful villages in accordance with the three types of renovation and upgrading, optimization and quality improvement, and demonstration benchmarking.We will steadily advance the pilot reform of the rural homestead system, continue to deepen the achievements of the pilot reform of the rural collective property rights system, accelerate the development and expansion of the village collective economy, and stimulate new vitality in rural development.Third, we need to improve people’s wellbeing.We should always be conscious of working for the well-being of the people, fully follow the mass line, consult with the people about their policies, needs, and plans, and ensure that the policies and measures we put forward meet the requirements for all-round high-quality development.We will improve the monitoring and assistance mechanism for preventing people from falling back into poverty due to disasters and diseases, help the affected people solve their practical difficulties and problems in a timely manner, and make every effort to meet their production and living needs.We will continue to expand channels for increasing urban and rural residents’ incomes, accelerate efforts to improve areas of weakness in people’s wellbeing, and ensure that the fruits of development benefit the whole city’s people in a more equitable way.Fourth, we will vigorously protect cultural resources.We should respect history, culture and ecology, develop and protect cultural relics while protecting them, comprehensively strengthen the protection and utilization of cultural relics and the protection and inheritance of cultural heritage, coordinate the protection and operation of cultural relics and resources with special features, build a number of tourism and leisure blocks and cultural, tourism and consumption clusters, and strengthen the excellent cultural tourism industry.Deeply excavates the culture of the Three Jin Dynasties and the cultural connotation of Jin merchants, vigorously promotes the rich and colorful historical culture and red culture resources, actively carries out the propaganda and education of socialist core values, and provides strong spiritual and cultural support for the economic and social development of the city.Fifth, we need to promote the four-pronged approach.We will continue to make our land greener, restore mountains, manage, protect and prevent disasters in accordance with the law, and build strong ecological barriers in cities.Multiple measures have been taken to prevent and control air pollution in an all-round, whole-chain, all-weather and whole-process manner.We will significantly improve the capacity of urban sewage treatment and consolidate the achievements made in the “long system, long clean” policy.We will carry out urban renewal in a scientific and orderly way to improve the urban structure, improve its functions and improve its quality.Sixth, we need to maintain overall social stability.With a focus on the celebration of the 20th CPC National Congress, we will focus on preventing and defusing unstable factors in all areas, ensuring political and social stability in provincial cities, and firmly acting as the capital’s “moat.”We will spare no effort to guard against imported cases and consolidate and expand hard-won achievements in epidemic prevention and control.Continue to strengthen production safety and fire safety in coal mines, non-coal mines, construction, road traffic, gas and other key industries, to contribute to the overall situation of safety and stability in Taiyuan.The meeting stressed that the New Year new atmosphere, New Year new actions.Various departments at all levels should be set up in the city of “start is decisive battle, the start is the sprint” concept, keep sit still, afford to wait, slow may not sense of responsibility and urgency, elaborate organization in the process of the city “two sessions”, formulate as soon as possible to build “four high” work plan, strengthen the economic operation scheduling and into the enterprise package support,Strive to promote the coordinated development of three industries, especially the service quality, and the efficiency, speed up economic zone too Xin integration (taiyuan area) of infrastructure, project planning and design, fall to the ground, make overall city fine management, efforts to achieve in the first quarter “start”, leading the implementation of “red” for the whole year, taiyuan contribution to promote high quality development in our province,With outstanding achievements to welcome the opening of the party’s 20th victory.Reporters Zhao Jizhao, Yin Xueyuan Taiyuan Daily