Sales consultants won’t tell you about hidden offers

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1. Test drive courtesy: each brand basically has to the store gift, depending on the sales to you, some think you don’t want to buy a car, they won’t give you.2 car booking courtesy: ordinary car booking will send small gifts, to celebrate ha, meet festival holiday or weekend activities, car booking will send some weight of gifts, such as drawing red envelopes, hit golden eggs.3. Financial gift for peace of mind: each quarter, the brand will have different financial schemes for manufacturers with discounted interest, and enjoy exclusive channels for car purchase with 0 down payment or 0 interest.There are also some special car to do activities, the package on the door to open home, save trouble and worry.Old customers price: old customers to introduce friends and relatives to buy cars, there will be certain incentives to old customers.5 exclusive replacement gift: manufacturers for replacement customers, will give a certain subsidy, the need to provide some information about used cars and new cars, especially for the same brand, manufacturer replacement subsidy will be higher.Car buying courtesy: car buying will send car decoration gift packages (generally the whole car film, floor MATS, bamboo charcoal bags, etc.) 7 When buying a car in 4S shops, there will be an exclusive after-sales team to escort you and make you feel more secure. When buying a car in some automobile comprehensive supermarkets in prefecty-level cities, vehicle problems will be pushed to 4S shops.The event runs from February 11, 2022 to February 11, 2022