“Luzhou” Democratic League Longmatan District grass-roots committee and Xiadai community held a joint construction symposium

2022-06-03 0 By

On March 9th, the pad while luzhou longmatan district committee chairs at the grass-roots level rate of hodgson’s hawk-eagle team to build the unit next street community for the position of the “home of leaguer” make the scene investigation, at the same time as community and service work has carried on the communication discussion and planning, au area and the residents committee, under the streets and the responsible comrade street community took part in the symposium.At the meeting, Li Qiang, secretary of the community, introduced the work content, organizational structure and work achievements in 2021.In view of the development of community co-construction, suggestions were put forward from the aspects of organizational positioning, project management, service form and content.Xiong Ying pointed out that “formalism” should not be used to do a good job in community construction. It is necessary to make clear the positioning through down-to-ground discussions and exchanges, give full play to the resource advantages of democratic parties, provide talent and technical support, play a role in community system and mechanism construction, and constantly enrich the carrier and form of community construction.To make “doorstep” service into a full coverage, normalized, high-quality service project for the people.Through the collegiate bench, and both sides determine positions to build, cultural huimin, moral education, pairing the poor, safe construction as the main content of this year, work antenna extension project, and improving the quality of community service, promoting community democratic management and community harmony and help community governance work to achieve new breakthroughs.(Zhang Haili, Grass-roots Committee of Longmatan District, DEMOCRATIC League)