How does Japan study abroad rent climb pit?Here’s a bit of little-known news

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How does Japan study abroad rent climb pit?Hi, I’m Kazuji, a Japanese study abroad consultant who speaks only for students.Not at all, the east and paste has been studied in Japan and real estate industry has a work experience, today’s content is firmly, but may let you down, Japan is true study in the pit of rent is a bit too much, how to you can’t imagine, I can only introduce some relatively formal, the way of sunshine, try not to make you jump into the pit.School dormitory za this period did not mention ha, belong to a kind of means that better solves inside accommodation, also can look for the intermediary of language school cooperation additionally, expensive is expensive a bit, but pit is relatively little bit.The trouble is renting your own house.You may have heard a lot of people talk about going to Suumo to look for apartments, but I can tell you that most of the listings there are fake, they are used by agents to trick you into contacting them.In fact, you can choose to go to the agent first, and then find the housing, and you don’t have to worry about each agent may be different, because…Ah…Can I say that…(Whisper) In fact, the Japanese real estate agency industry has an Intranet, you can share houses on the Intranet.(clears throat) That’s all I can say.Factors affecting rental prices are probably the following: geographical location, distance from the station on foot, age, area and so on, right do not know why, now many people are also very concerned about property services, in short, according to these points to find a house.Then please be sure to go to see the house, do not see you will not know nearby there is no grave circle, there is no smelly restaurant, there is no noise more than the railway line ah, right?Intermediary this thing also take you to understand briefly, Japanese intermediary are grade qualification, local or national nature of intermediary here, the number in brackets is grade, we can simply judge.Try not to use small agents.Japanese rental costs are still quite high, in addition to the rent, have to pay gift, deposit, insurance, guarantee company costs, cleaning fees, management fees, but not all the house these costs have to pay ha, add up to the basic three or four months of rent.Need to say with everybody finally is, Japan rents a house more normal, do not default easily, the facility of the house also should maintain good.About the Japanese study abroad rental thing is simple to tell you these ha.Follow me to learn about the real application of studying in Japan.