Foshan Municipal Party Secretary Zheng Ke visited nanhai Taoyuan Welfare Center

2022-06-03 0 By

On January 30th, Zheng Ke, secretary of Foshan Municipal Party Committee, visited nanhai Taoyuan Welfare Center, stressing that we should do a good job in all services and guarantee the elderly and children to spend a safe, happy and peaceful Spring Festival.In the south China sea district peach garden welfare homes, children welfare center, south Zheng Ke details about the elderly, the children’s life care, accompanied by services, health care, etc., to you our warmest greetings, told staff with emotion, take responsibility, to complete the service with love, let the old people life happiness, health and longevity, let the children happy life, healthy growth.He stressed the need to strengthen daily management of social welfare institutions, constantly improve their hardware and software facilities, strengthen humanistic care and psychological counseling for the recipients, implement regular epidemic prevention and control measures in detail, and create a safe, comfortable and warm living environment.We need to expand the supply of facilities for the elderly, and establish a system of elderly care services that coordinate home and community institutions and combine medical and recreational care with old-age care, so that the elderly can have access to care, medical care, work, education and entertainment.We should provide good services in life, education and medical care with kindness and love, help children build self-esteem, confidence, self-reliance and self-improvement, and guide them to grow up healthy and happy.