Do you know: Ming LAN kindly advise, why zou niang think she is trying to keep up with the British duke?

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In lily of valley opened lady and zou small niang and fu feast to end after, back to shenyang is goldbrick could no longer see the guest is not out of the door, lily of valley queen heard shen to complain, said volunteered to teach large lady, the results had an entry, but lily of valley is not speaking out of turn to give up, she was in a big lady’s yard and other big lady would see yourself,I waited for a long time and didn’t wait for Lady Zhang, but I waited for Little Niang Zou.When lily of valley into shenyang, zou small niang received careful, heard that big lady is not willing to see lily of valley, then would you like to go to sell a good lily of valley clearance, Ming saw zou small and seven niang wanted to distance said to leave with her, didn’t expect zou small niang to also post to send lily of valley, the lily of valley is no problem to open the said it straight with her, but speaking style still more tactful,Sounds like it’s all from the bottom of my heart for Little Zou niang.As a result, Zou niang was not only ungrateful, but also satirized Ming LAN, saying that he did not know, but also thought that Ming LAN had eaten the Rice of the Zhangs, and determined that Ming LAN was afraid of the power of the British public family and wanted to please Lady Zhang.But in fact, Ming LAN did not say a serious word, just let Zou Xiaoniang himself to think, if the trouble stiff words, the loss will not be zhang Big lady, good words of advice, how let Zou Xiaoniang think Ming LAN is to want to hang on to the British public?Since this little zou niang dared to fight against the only daughter from the British duke’s house, I think she did not care about the British duke, but if she wanted to fight against Lady Zhang, she still had to bring along some helpers.Before on the family banquet, zou small niang is deliberately provoked big niang son, see big lady on Ming who accused, zou small niang counsel, they thought the two men must have been languishing, thought that was down from the face of lily of valley, incredibly still to big niang son, zou small niang not so broad mind, can only think of lily of valley is afraid of the changs.And minglan zou niang apparent alienation, also let Zou Niang feel Minglan is not look at their own zou, after all, Minglan in order to see lady Zhang side are willing to wait so long, to his face is not a good face.The point was that Xiao Niang Zou didn’t think she was any worse than Lady Zhang, and she couldn’t figure out how shameful it would be for a marquise to be close to one of her concubines. After xiao Shen married General Zheng as a concubine, she was still “not afraid of dignities” and willing to play with Xiao Niang Zou.Minlan’s reluctance was what she saw as “social climbers”.