Cadres stationed to contribute to the community’s new development

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The cadre is stationed in the community normally, can solve the basic level community manpower shortage situation effectively, to further enrich the community staff team, promotes the community basic level governance to provide a powerful guarantee.Each community will combine reality, give full play to the platform function of “big Party committee” and “social working Committee”, lead by party building, make party members and cadres “sink”, serve the community “real”, integrate sinking cadres into the community family reasonably and efficiently, and add luster to the development of community work.Xiyuan street Gonglin Road community set up a temporary party branch of the city’s directly stationed cadres, discuss and determine the working schedule of the stationed cadres and post responsibilities.At the same time, the typical epidemic prevention and control practices are rooted in good municipal governance and social governance, forming effective integration of resources, and constantly implementing the practical activities of “I do practical things for the people” to achieve practical and detailed work.(Correspondent: Fan Meiling) Cypress Lane community organized the cadres of municipal organs directly stationed in the community to hold a meeting for the stationing work, set up a temporary Party branch, elected members and secretaries, etc., and the stationing cadres carried out the stationing work in a rotating mode in groups five days a week.(Correspondent: Zhang Yuan) The 7 stationed cadres of Leitan Hexi Street community will put forward good ideas and open good ways for the development of the community, and maintain the sense of belonging and responsibility of “one glory, one loss” with other community staff.The west street as their own thing to do, set up the “chess” idea, unity and cooperation, the formation of work force, jointly promote the community to a new level of work.Community (correspondent: wen-tao peng) west station street west railway station 4 sinking cadres will sink to the real line, play to their respective departments and their own advantages, as soon as possible into the work role, claim sinking tasks, leading by the party, concentrate the power of organization, to build and adjacent to the platform, all-round activation of grassroots governance, to complete each work coordination.(Correspondent: Li Wenxiang) The resident cadres of municipal departments in the Delta Line community claim the service posts in combination with their own resource advantages, and urge the resident cadres to do their work well with full responsibility. The leaders of the resident cadres working group are actively included in the social Work Committee and included in the community workers team.At the same time, social work committees have been given full play to their role, resources have been integrated, and officials stationed in communities have been consolidated under the guidance of Party organizations to visit the people, listen to their public opinions, and solve their difficulties, so as to ensure that their regular presence in communities is effective.(correspondent: li xin) full implementation of the norm of locomotive plant community in community work, relying on the club committee resources, give full play to the role in cadres, at the same time ZhuQu cadre according to their own advantages and resources, ChenXin cohesion fight shoulder to shoulder with the community, work closely, actively rapidly integrated into the community, “sink” to the community to visit MinYou mood, listen to public opinion and solution.(Correspondent:Yao Yao) Dunhuang Road Sub-district Xijin Community will always achieve the goal of “party Committee leadership, socialized co-construction, community co-governance, neighborhood sharing” grass-roots governance model, with “social work committee + stationed cadres” as the starting point, let the stationed cadres “bright identity, clear task, show responsibility” at the same time,Increase vitality for grassroots organizations, party members and cadres receive education, residents benefit, community governance on the level of contribution to a force.At the same time, through the normal garrison, project co-governance, strive to promote the garrison report, really for the residents of the area of the people’s ideas, solve problems, do practical things.Guanghua Street community in accordance with the principle of “balance of power, scientific post, clear responsibilities, coverage of the community”, 10 stationed cadres will be assigned to each community as a whole, to further detail the responsibility area, to ensure that stationed cadres based on their respective responsibilities and tasks to participate in the community work, to help make up for weaknesses.Sinking facilities.we healthy way road street community cadres to set up the temporary party branch, the party branch, village built on the grid, the group built on the middle floor, unit, give full play to the core function of the party organization in less manpower, heavy task, to assist the community to carry out work under the condition of complicated, lead residents, district units, all kinds of market main body to participate in community governance.Under the operation of the “grand Party Committee” in the community, we carried out pair visits to families with difficulties in the community, and actively participated in the cultural activities to be good, so that more people strive to be good people and learn to do good things.(Correspondent: Wang Jing) Wangjiapu community reasonably coordinated cadres around the recent key work of the Social Work Committee, normal epidemic prevention and control, “Xiaolan assistant” and other work, and maximized the stationed force to promote the stationed work.By giving full play to the role of stationed cadres, fulfilling the posts and tasks assigned by the community, actively participating in the grassroots Party building, epidemic prevention and control, policy publicity, conflict resolution and other work, the local residents benefit, improve the level of community governance, and constantly deepen the work of regular stationed in the community.(correspondent: Wei Bing processing) set up temporary party branch Wu Xi street community, to elect a secretary, two members, and has set up four group, determine the team leader and members of each group member 6-7 people, arranged in five workdays cadres continuously in the team rotation pattern in work, to ensure smooth completion of the task.(Correspondent:Nicole) combined with the actual, then YanJiaPing street community cadres will sink into the grid of the area, to establish a small and exquisite work team, continue to deepen the practice activity “I does the practical work for the masses”, actively promote “xiao LAN deputy”, vigorously carry out patriotic health campaign, do real fine normalized epidemic prevention and control work key, led the heart want to toward one place, interest makes toward one place,Forming a sound environment of extensive consultation, governance, joint contribution and shared benefits.We will make the work of government officials stationed in communities regular and institutionalized, and promote orderly and efficient operation of all community work.(Correspondent: Lu Wenpei) Nanyuan Community defines posts and responsibilities according to the grid model of community building president, details the work responsibilities of stationed cadres, arranges work, does a good job of “micro-service” in residents’ life, improves the governance and construction of the jurisdiction, and gets through the “last kilometer” of service.(correspondent: ChengPeiPei) west courtyard community according to each sink cadres department responsibility, delimit the grid management cadre specialty, community demand, into the community volunteer service team, to discuss, work, and sharing the good situation, for the grass-roots society governance add vitality and energy, really in strengthening the construction of grass-roots management system and management ability of modern above the unreal.(correspondent: lily) railway school community will combine stationed cadre own expertise with actual situation, the community residents’ demand and other factors, figuring out stationed cadre task list, stationed cadres into full play their own advantages, to further expand community “friends”, boosting grass-roots management modernization level, community development make qualitative leap.(Correspondent: Yang Lili) Pengjiaping Town Pengjiaping East Road community stationed cadres give full play to their respective advantages, take the initiative to serve the residents of the area, make suggestions and suggestions for community governance, contribute to the strength, the stationed cadres will as soon as possible into the community, into the community, into the masses, to better serve the residents of the area.Coagulate heart gather force, pragmatic Benedict line.Community will condense sinking efforts and resources in the community, in the streets, community, do real system, serious do work management, focus on building the area as a whole, how collaborative, upper and lower linkage, co-construction and sharing of new pattern of urban grass-roots party construction work, to promote community and realize mutual benefit and win-win results, “double registration” unit for qilihe district of basic party building mutual dedication to a strength.Editor: Wei Rong;Reviewed by: Chen Yaling