A Flower of the Day 2.7: Forget-me-not: Forget me not

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Forget me not on February 7Eternal love.Forget-me-not is a kind of common grass, also known as forget-me-not, which represents love and is often exchanged for young men and women.Legend has it that God gave names to all the flowers, and when he was nearly finished, a little flower that had no name cried out, “Oh my God, please don’t forget me!”So God answered, “That’s your name.”Brief Introduction to Forget-me-not, also known as forget-me-notMyosotis alpestris F. W. Schmidt, perennial herb of the genus Forget not in the family Eutrophiaceae, tubulidae, stem erect, 20-45 cm tall, basal and lower stem leaves petiolate, lanceolate, corolla blue, variously white or red, nutlets ovate, dark brown, smooth, shiny.Forget-me-not is native to Eurasia.Ornamental value The forget-me-not plant is slender and beautiful, with small and delicate blue flowers and a yellow center center. It is simple, elegant and eye-catching.It can be used for garden decoration, potted or cut flowers.Edible value Forget-me-nots can be made into tea.Add green tea and boiled water to the forget-me-nots, wait for 3 minutes, then add a little honey.Green tea can enhance the toughness of human blood vessels, and teeth.Forget-me-not is rich in vitamin C, which can slow down wrinkles and dark spots. It also has the functions of clearing liver, brightening eyes, nourishing Yin and kidney, nourishing skin and beauty, nourishing blood, regulating menstruation, promoting menstruation, delaying cell senescence and improving immunity.Medicinal value Forget-me-not has the functions of clearing liver and eyes, clearing heat and detoxifying, protecting skin, promoting metabolism, improving immunity, treating constipation, eliminating skin freckles and acne, and effectively regulating women’s physiological problems.Pictures from the Internet.Reference: Baidu Encyclopedia and online materials.