Xingyang 2021 annual inspection results of private schools announced

2022-06-02 0 By

To fully implement the newly revised law of the People’s Republic of China private education promotion law implementation regulations, regulating the behavior of xingyang private school education, promote the healthy and orderly development of private education, according to the education bureau of zhengzhou city about 2021 private check of running school work notice “(zheng parishioners letter [2021] no. 328) file spirit,From February 14, 2022 to March 10, 2022, the Xingyang Municipal Bureau of Education conducted an inspection of private schools in the city, including 28 qualified units, 2 basic qualified units, 4 units cancelled.The results of the annual inspection are hereby announced as follows:I. Qualified units (28) zhengzhou railway secondary specialized school of zhengzhou xinhua secondary specialized school of zhengzhou plains post secondary specialized school of zhengzhou guang vocational secondary specialized school youth vocational secondary specialized school of zhengzhou zhengzhou electronic science and technology of secondary specialized school of zhengzhou experimental secondary specialized school of zhengzhou xingyang vw secondary specialized school fourth primary school bilingual experimental primary school of zhengzhou xingyang overseas Chinese schoolsXingyang xingyang life is music elementary school’s overseas Chinese schools xingyang chunsheng xingyang west a elementary school art xingyang Chen zhong a middle school experimental school of zhengzhou west xingyang fung wah experiment elementary school xingyang hetian collection of education training school xingyang driver xingyang new concept English training school foreign language school xingyang he cultivates new thinking training school education training school xingyang xingyang xingyang dual kernel training schoolParallel lines xingyang xingyang new concept of foreign language training school education training school jie training school xingyang pew training school (2) basic qualified unit (2) xingyang this wooden training school xingyang lark training school, cancellation unit (4) three xingyang new sida xingyang happy young comprehensive quality education training school training center xingyang plum garden of xingyang baby training schoolJibaobao Potential Development training Center Co., LTD. (xingyang Education Bureau) ← Scan | yingxing APP | Shi Xiaowei | Wang Zhipeng | Li Wei