Say goodbye to the past 2021

2022-06-02 0 By

2021 is over, so here’s a quick summary.The key word this year is “love.”Because of love, so manic.”I feel your enthusiasm, but how long can you keep it?”The phrase stuck in my mind and sounded like an alarm bell whenever the enthusiasm waned.Whenever they are very hard to do this thing, but found that their efforts are just a drop in the ocean, will ask yourself is worth it?Do you feel silly when you are meticulous while others are paddling?And all because of a passion in the heart.The passion of the moment, because a word to adhere to the love.This love also makes this year’s emotional roller coaster like ups and downs, sometimes manic curse, sometimes crying late at night, sometimes full of laughter…This year because of love, let myself live too hard, remove all the calm and calm before.Hope in the New Year, in calm and calm live out the tiger tiger.