More pension hikes in 2022?But six kinds of people do not participate in adjustment, retirees need to understand clearly

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Did you know that pensions are going up again in 2022?For most retirees and some office workers, the biggest concern is the amount of pension. Most graduates will consider the social security after retirement when looking for a job, and some workers rely on pension to ensure their quality of life after retirement.The endowment insurance of retiree namely town worker endowment insurance needs the wage level of basis worker and current price rise circumstance, undertake appropriate adjustment.According to the rapid growth of China’s GDP in 2021, the increase of employees’ wages and the increase of consumption index, the good news of pension increase just entered 2022, but there are six types of people who do not participate in the adjustment, which are the six types of situations?One, two kinds of dweller cannot get one, the personnel that participates in urban and rural dweller endowment insurance cannot apply for this kind to raise emeritus cost.We all know that old-age security is not only a kind of alone, of all countries in order to take care of us, including the residents of the work and don’t have a job, has introduced two kinds of endowment insurance, especially for the discrepancies due to the increase of belongs to the town worker is basic endowment insurance, namely to years as employee retirement pension, in addition to this, there is another kind of urban and rural residents endowment insurance.The pension insurance for urban and rural residents is fully paid by the residents themselves. According to the opinions issued by The State Council, ordinary residents can pay through 12 grades. The grade standard can be adjusted according to the income level of the residents, and the amount of the final pension is distributed according to the amount of the contribution.Urban and rural residents can receive the kind of pension benefits that are increased according to the salary level of employees. This increase in pension benefits is only for urban employees’ basic pension insurance.Secondly, should year emeritus worker cannot enjoy the policy that releases in those days raise emeritus cost.Those who retire in 2022, for example, will not be able to enjoy the policy on rising pension issued in 2022.Because the pension of this retiree in 2022, it is to decide the scope of adjustment through the basic situation of worker salary and consumption index in 2021, so the pension of retiree in those days should be dealt with before December 31 of the previous year, the formalities of basic endowment insurance of urban workers.If the employee should retire in December, there is no need to worry, the time factor of this decision mainly depends on the time of payment, even if the employee should retire in December, if the pension should be paid in January, still can enjoy the pension increase policy.If you happen to miss the pension increase, don’t worry. On the other hand, the pension is calculated using the average social salary before retirement, and the salary will be adjusted accordingly.Two, two types of unsuccessful can not get one, not successfully activated social security card can not get pension.Our country has been implementing the social security card financial account to receive the basic pension of urban workers, has been issued to the third generation of social security card.The new social security card can not only facilitate the elderly to receive pension, but also specially added the function of taking a bus card, very convenient.If to the age of the personnel leaving the social security card is not timely activated, will lead to the amount of retirement can not be issued as scheduled, but also affect the adjustment of the amount of retirement, so the employees did not deal with the activation of social security card, must deal with the activation of social security card.Secondly, social security certification is not successful can not get pension.To prevent a variety of means to cheat pension, and convenient statistics retiree whether to have accident happens, can spread out to every retiree every year the attestation that gets qualification works, major area already implemented brush face attestation or silent attestation.If the retiree dies in a real accident, the pension will be stopped.If there is an accident, the retiree has died and still receives the pension, then the pension will be deducted from the funeral pension and subsidy treatment, if there is insufficient amount of deduction, the relevant department will pursue the payment to the recipient.If the retiree is not certified in the specified time, then the pension of that year will be stopped, and after the certification is successful, you can apply for reissuance.Three, two types of punishment personnel can not receive one, the execution of probation punishment personnel can not apply for the increase of retirement benefits.During the penalty period, such persons are not deprived of their personal freedom or sentenced to lose their political status, but they are in a different state from normal citizens and are in a state of punishment. Therefore, they have different pension issues from ordinary retirees.For those sentenced to probation, the state will still provide them with regular monthly pension payments in accordance with regulations, but they will not be entitled to the increase in benefits of retirement.This is different from the case where the pension can be refunded after the retirement period expires, but only after the probation period ends, can the pension be raised in the following year, and the pension is raised several times less than that of ordinary retirees.Secondly, the person who is sentenced to serve a sentence or arrest cannot get pension.The government will suspend pension payments to those who have temporarily lost their freedom, such as those who have been sentenced to prison for violating the law or those who have been sentenced to detention for violating the law.The state implements endowment insurance to ensure the quality of life of retirees, but persons who have lost their personal freedom do not need to pay for their living expenses, so they are not entitled to pension payments during the prison term.Refer to the document issued by the General Office of the Ministry of Social Security, the document stipulates that only after being sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment, can you continue to receive pension, the standard of receiving continues to be issued in accordance with the standard before serving the sentence, the increase of pension also from the standard before serving the sentence began to increase.To sum up in today’s society young people looking for a job, urban workers endowment insurance has been one of the important factors to consider, the old is no longer an empty talk.Professor of economics at according to the analysis to understand, is not only a pension in 2022 continued to rise, after pension but also will continue to rise, in addition to the above said six types of special circumstances, for most people is all a very happy thing, so, for those people pay town worker is basic endowment insurance, is also a kind of power.According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, in the first half of 2021, about 1.014 billion people had basic old-age insurance for urban workers.At present, the prospect of China’s endowment insurance is very good, the country is also improving all kinds of security system, the endowment insurance will be more perfect.However, at the same time, a new problem has emerged. In the face of the upcoming aging population problem, whether our country can still bear the pressure of supporting the elderly, and how to adjust this problem?