Joint visits to the hotels involved

2022-06-02 0 By

Zhalantun Shen Jingfang 15 Song Jie recently, Inner Mongolia autonomous region people’s procuratorate “tsing kwai” did not check the team handling the case when handling the violation cases of minors, the joint of the public security organ to visit hotel involved, check the check-in registration parameter, visitor registration parameter and hotel management information system, and ask the front desk reception staff, hotel operators, etc.In view of the problems of irregular operation of hotel operators and employees, weak awareness of protecting minors, and lack of supervision of the hotel industry by relevant responsible units, the team issued procuratorial suggestions to the public security organs in accordance with the law to strengthen supervision of the hotel industry.After receiving the procuratorial suggestion, the public security organ immediately blocked the supervision loophole, carried out the administrative penalty of fine and order suspension of many hotels which infringed upon, and gave warning education to other hotels.In addition, the team on the mandatory reporting system to the relevant hotel employees involved in the publicity, and issued brochures.Reporter Shen Jingfang correspondent Li Chen Song Jie photo