In the ranking of universities in Hubei Province, Wuhan University and Zhongnan University of Finance and Growth made the biggest progress

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There are many high quality universities in Hubei Province.Higher education resources are mainly concentrated in Wuhan, which can also be understood as Wuhan and other cities.The double first-class universities are all concentrated in Wuhan, while other cities are double non-universities, and the ranking is relatively low.Yangtze University and China Three Gorges University (CTGU) have surpassed many other universities in Wuhan and got a very good ranking. Personally, it seems a little high.The alumni association is quite polite to the two first-class universities in Wuhan, especially wuwu University’s unprecedented entry into the top five universities in China, which makes wuwu university fans very happy. Wuwu University is very strong, but there is still a certain gap from the top five, and The ninth ranking of USTC should be a deserved position.In addition, Zhongnan Finance and Economics ranked very high, winning the first place in finance and economics, surpassing the universities of “two finance and one trade”.The key is that Zhongnan finance’s double first-class discipline law (self-determined) or yellow card warning.There is a popular saying in Hubei Province;Can not take an examination of 985 and 211 universities, on Hubei University and wuke big;It can be seen that these two universities in the province are highly recognized and have a certain degree of school-running strength.This time, Hubei University ranked a little behind, in the double non-university ranking to wuke University, Central South University, Yangtze University and Three Gorges University behind the 149th.But the alumni association’s rankings are often flawed.In Hubei province double non colleges and universities, there should be only the strength of the lake big wuke.There is a big difference in overall strength between Yangtze University and China Three Gorges University. Only China Three Gorges University still has a certain influence in China, which is mainly one of the six universities directly under the former Ministry of Electricity. The electrical engineering discipline has a great advantage in the recruitment of state grid, so it attracts more attention.Yangtze University belongs to petroleum system;Advantage in geology, mineral oil;There is heat but not high, lower than the Three Gorges University.There is still a gap between the two schools in terms of comprehensive strength and wuhan University, and Wuhan University and Wuhan University are located in Wuhan, the college entrance examination scores are much higher than the three and grow up.Only alumni rankings dare to grow up with the big lake to the front.In Hubei province, the best double non university recognized is wuke University, Lake university and central South University of People, there are three and grow up.In fact, the strength of Hu University of Technology, Wuhan Engineering and Wufang is not weak, in the discipline strength and scientific research ability and employment rate are much stronger, the college entrance examination scores are higher than the three and grow up.But the dominant major is not as obvious as the big three and grow up.The advantage of growing up is the scale of running a school, almost all majors are involved, and there are not many of them.In 2022, there are three winners in the Alumni Association ranking of Universities in Hubei Province, and Wuhan University has entered the top five universities in China for the first time.Zhongnan Finance and Economics won the first place among domestic universities in finance and economics.Yangtze University defeated Hu University, Three major universities, Hu University of Technology and Wuhan Engineering.These three universities are the biggest beneficiaries of this year’s Universities in Hubei Province, also received the biggest red envelopes since the beginning of the year.