Fuding strengthens park services to help enterprises sprint for a “good start” in the first quarter

2022-06-02 0 By

In the New Year of tiger, Fuding Aoli Industrial Park is full of vitality.In recent days, enterprises in the park have resumed work and production, rushing orders and grabbing the market at full speed. The management office of the park has actively carried out enterprise visits and services to help enterprises sprint for a “good start” in the first quarter.On February 11, the reporter saw in aoli Industrial Park fujian Wanli Carburetor Manufacturing Co., LTD., the machine roar in the workshop, production equipment running at high speed, workers skillfully operate the machine, one carburetor products after die casting, processing, assembly forging forming, waiting to be sent to all parts of the country.As the local old carburetor enterprise, the company resumed work on the eighth day of the first month.”On the second day of the New Year, a customer in Zhejiang placed an order for more than 20,000 lawnmower carburetors. We are organizing production these two days to ensure timely delivery.”Company director Ye Chuanai said that currently more than 160 workers have actually arrived, the post rate of 95%.Fujian Wanli Carburetor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. entered Aoli Industrial Park in 2010, mainly engaged in the manufacture and sales of carburetors and parts.In recent years, the company actively seeks to upgrade and transform, constantly increasing capital investment, upgrading production lines, in order to increase production and efficiency.”This year, we plan to automate production in processing and assembly to improve overall production efficiency.”Ye chuan-ai said.Fujian Haiyan Hanging Machine Co., Ltd. also rushed to make orders at full speed. In the spacious and bright workshop, a large mechanical equipment was arranged in turn, and workers were busy and orderly to carry out various operations.Lin Hongping, general manager of the company, at present, the company’s employees are all in place.”This year, we received a large order from Liaoning province, with an order amount of more than 800,000 yuan. We have organized materials and our staff have been working overtime to prepare for the supply of goods to ensure timely completion.”Lin Hongping said.As a technology-intensive enterprise, over the years, the company takes r&d and innovation as the main engine, adheres to the road of high-quality development, while strictly controlling product quality, actively explores domestic and foreign markets, and the output value of the enterprise increases year after year.This year, the company plans to increase research and development funds, by docking with universities, recruiting talents, and trying to cooperate with The Times new energy, in energy conservation and emission reduction, innovation and technological transformation to seek breakthroughs.It is understood that in order to help enterprises in the park resume work and production, sprint the first quarter of the “good start”.Since the New Year, the staff of aoli Industrial Park management office have gone deep into enterprises in the park to carry out epidemic prevention and control and visit services for resumption of work and production, understand the difficulties of enterprises, and do a good job in connecting government and enterprises, and help enterprises solve practical problems with heart.”Through our visits, we learned that enterprises in the park are mainly facing difficulties in recruitment and financing.”Ao Li industrial concentration area party general branch secretary, director of the management office Ye Zhiliang said, for the enterprise recruitment difficult problem, the park management office has actively docking department, and organize enterprises to participate in the spring breeze action to recruit staff.At the same time, the park also actively contacted banks to negotiate financing loans for enterprises in difficulties. At present, the amount of financing has reached more than 2 million yuan, which is a “timely rain” for the “loan” of enterprises in difficulties.Fuding Aoli Industrial Park now has 40 enterprises in the park and 61 small and micro enterprises for lease. The enterprise type is mainly carburetor and hardware manufacturing. There are more than 3,000 employees in the park.In the next step, the park will further improve its services to create a first-class business environment and promote high-quality development of enterprises in the park with proactive, front-line and precise services.(Mindong Daily Reporter Guo Xiaohong correspondent Xia Yanyuan)