Due to the loss to Vietnam, the national football team soldiers were not in the mood to go shopping this time

2022-06-02 0 By

China lost 3-1 to Vietnam last night in the round of 12, with one win, two draws and five losses after eight rounds of the round of 12, ranking fifth in the group, 10 points behind Third-placed Australia, and confirming no chance of qualifying for the 2022 Qatar World Cup.Since gao under-16 rate by the China national youth team in the new millennium in Vietnam, the ninth of finals game fewer group by more than 2 to 3 lost to Vietnam under-16 national youth team, for the group stages, a Chinese state team for the first time in Asia after losing to the history of the Vietnam team in the competition, the Chinese soccer in just 22 years,The national team also lost to the Vietnamese national team for the first time in history.This failure in the World Cup also meant that the “westernization movement” of National football Team was completely bankrupt. Lippi, Hiddink and other big-name coaches came for a quick visit.It is uncertain whether Fernando will return to China because he is in China.Except perhaps for one Jiang Guangtai, the “westernization movement” of Chinese football is nothing but chicken feathers.According to yi Kuzhin, a popular Chinese sports blogger, the Chinese soldiers were not in the mood to go shopping and had no plans to go out this time due to the loss to Vietnam, which was also in line with the team’s management requirements.In fact, all the blame on Li Xiaopeng and the national football team is not appropriate, after all, they are just failed “experiment” just;Looking around the whole of China, there is not even one pure professional football club in the league at all levels.How can Chinese football play on?Blame the school?Blame the parents?Strange child?Blame the players?Blame the coach?Since the 1990s, professional football has been on the right path for only 3-5 years. Since 2000, the domestic league has started to turn into a pseudo professional stage.After these years of changes, our national football team and Japan, South Korea, Iran’s gap will continue to expand, and Thailand, Vietnam parity.Football is a highly marketized sport. To improve the level of Chinese football, it must be reformed and re-integrated with international football.So the football association to develop a practical and effective development plan, the Chinese super league, the sense of giving professional alliance management, to establish and improve the system, send talented young players to play in Europe ErSanLiu league, the introduction of foreign youth coach into each small football community support, only in this way, China didn’t have a chance to back on track.