“Daughter-in-law, I came here to enjoy my happiness, not to cook for you.

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Since ancient times, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are two different species after all, before marriage, mother-in-law’s attitude to their daughter-in-law is mostly good, after all, if the attitude to their daughter-in-law is too bad, people will not enter their house, but before marriage, good to their daughter-in-law, does not mean that the marriage will continue as before.Of course, those who are not good to their daughters-in-law before marriage can expect the same after marriage.Some mothers-in-law think that when their daughter-in-law comes into the house, they should enjoy the happiness of their family. They expect their daughter-in-law to handle all the things and show them filial piety, but they don’t see how heavy the burden is on their junior shoulders.Before getting married, Liu Xuan knows his mother-in-law is not easy to offend, neighbors are very afraid of their mother-in-law, but liu Xuan’s family thinks Liu Xuan and her mother-in-law is a family after all, also cannot take Liu Xuan how, so married in the past.Liu Xuan is a particularly filial girl, she hopes to help her mother-in-law share part of the housework.So every day after work, she will take the initiative to clean up the sofa, mop the floor, sweep the floor.Liu Xuan think they can reduce the burden of her mother-in-law, but her mother-in-law is not grateful.The mother-in-law will be critical liu Xuan did not sweep clean, the sofa is full of dust.Liu Xuan want to return home, mother-in-law but in a strange manner to say: “yo, take so many things ah, is not home what also have no ah?”Say, see liu Xuan even the thing that installed his home in the bag.Liu Xuan do not want to and her mother-in-law stiff, she has been in a state of patience, when her mother-in-law’s birthday, she spent thousands of yuan from the store to buy a dress for her mother-in-law, but her mother-in-law is not.Also blame Liu Xuan to buy the color is not appropriate, directly gave clothes to others.Liu Xuan tries his best to want to do a good daughter-in-law, but, in front of outsiders, the mother-in-law always describes Liu Xuan as a wicked person, daughter-in-law no matter how she does, the mother-in-law is not satisfied from beginning to end, Liu Xuan also saw the nature of the mother-in-law, no longer do a daughter-in-law who is trampled.Liu Xuan husband and wife two people save a part of money, bought a flat in the loan outside.After the house was handed over, the young couple moved out. The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law got along with each other less and had fewer conflicts. However, the mother-in-law suddenly said that she would come to live here.The old man to come, Liu Xuan is not good to refuse, but after the mother-in-law but what do not do, all day will know to run outside, Liu Xuan couple two people busy almost can not eat rice, the mother-in-law still play.Liu Xuan had to let her mother-in-law cook, but her mother-in-law was surprised to say: “daughter-in-law, I am to enjoy, not to cook for you!”After listening to the mother-in-law said so, Liu Xuan very angry, she angrily responded to say: “do not cook?Do you eat?”‘I never would have let you cook if you hadn’t been able to move, but now that we’re all busy, you must!'”You want to enjoy yourself?Go home, and do what you like, and nobody will care if you do nothing! ‘See Liu Xuan angry appearance, mother-in-law unexpectedly stayed, perhaps she has always thought Liu Xuan good bully, did not think Liu Xuan is so fierce.Perhaps aware of the fault, her mother-in-law took the initiative to start cooking the next day.Most of the problems between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are not big things, they are also some trivial things, if we can understand each other, then the relationship between the two can be very harmonious.However, some mother-in-law but he is the old man, deliberately pinch junior, so do, will inevitably let a person sigh, if angered the junior, but really can not eat pocket away.The mother-in-law should straighten out her attitude and try to create a peaceful family atmosphere.