Zhang’s skit debut partner, Guo Donglin, keeps making stalks

2022-06-01 0 By

The annual Liaoshi Spring Festival Gala is an indispensable feast for many viewers during the Spring Festival.The 2022 Liaoshi Spring Festival Gala still lives up to expectations, gathering famous performers from all walks of life to create the strongest comedy lineup, the most suspenseful creative song and dance, and the most shocking music performance.Happily, in addition to some familiar old friends, the 2022 Liaoshi Spring Festival Gala also welcomed many new faces.Among them, zhang, a new farmer and a famous douyin blogger, and Guo Donglin formed a new partner, together with Huang Yang and Du Xiaoyu, staged a family comedy with endless jokes, which also confirmed the comments of netizens: “I always believe that the sketches of Liaoshi Spring Festival Gala never let people down, but I did not expect that this year’s surprises even began to exceed the standard!”Since Zhang posted his first short video in October last year, his account has attracted more than 10 million followers within 13 days, and a single video has received more than 100 million hits.Different from the vast majority of net red talent funny…In the video, Zhang gets up, feeds the dog, feeds the chicken, eats meat, drinks, works, cooks…It shows the image of a simple and unadorned new farmer.This time, Zhang entered the stage of “Liaoshi Spring Festival Gala”, and guo Donglin and other comedy “predecessors” together, performed the work “Brother difficult”, completed his debut sketch show.From the effect of the live recording, Zhang immediately appeared to drive the atmosphere of the audience, although it is the first time to play the sketch, but his investment in the performance made the audience straight call.In the sketch, Zhang became a “real classmate” this time, relying on the advantages of short video creators, to help their classmates to complete the test of “brother-in-law”.On the stage, Zhang’s rhythm of picking up and throwing memes is more accurate than that of short videos. His eyes and language are in place, and he works seamlessly with guo Donglin and other seniors.Guo Donglin has always been a regular guest of liaosv Spring Festival Gala, contributing many classic sketches on the stage of Spring Festival Gala, bringing infinite joy to the audience.His trademark bald head is one of the most recognizable comedic looks in the country.In “Brother brother is difficult”, facing the threat and lure of his brother-in-law, Guo Donglin’s golden sentences frequently burst out.As the saying goes, “An honest official cannot do housework.”When a new uncle comes in and his brother-in-law borrows money, the joys and sorrows of a small family often reflect the bitterness and sorrow of the big society.With the help of Zhang, my brother-in-law stood up and fought bravely with his brother-in-law, staging a family comedy.In the conflict, the whole sketch is constantly reversed, several comedians hit up the drama to make golden sentences, with warm stories to record the bright spots of life, but also provide countless New Year’s greetings for visiting relatives and friends.Out of the field of short video zhang will present what different performance style, whether his brainwashed BGM can appear on the Spring Festival Gala stage?Guo Donglin in zhang and his brother-in-law under the joint attack how to break the game?At 19:30 on January 30th (28th day of the twelfth lunar month), we will lock in “Liaoshi Spring Festival Gala” for more surprises and creativity, which is worth everyone’s attention.