Weilang Pro inherits buick “sculpture aesthetics” product DNA

2022-06-01 0 By

Veron Pro inherits Buick “sculpture aesthetics” product DNA, with symmetrical and smooth body proportion, with flying wing grille through the spread wing headlights, so that the grille trim and LED daytime running lights are linked together, extending the visual width of the front face, like a small version of the “Lacrosse” from a distance.The headlamp adopts near-far light integrated lens with LED light source, with automatic headlamp, adjustable headlamp height, delay off function, and these configurations are standard for the whole system.Body size: 4664×1786×1472mm Wheelbase: 2700mm, convex in the middle, front and rear adducted side Windows fit the car waist line, making the body more sculptural.Bottom curve with the cutting surface, again enhance the body of the sculpture process texture.The rear part of the car is relatively ordinary, but there is a more careful design in some details, such as the layout of the high brake lamp is quite distinctive, while the rear fog lamp in the middle is also very performance taste when lit.Interior layout to change the style of the past, horizontal layout of the overall center of gravity moved down, and the use of brown leather into the envelope, the same without exaggerated design elements it gives a person with a good affinity, this leather surface similar to fish scale texture, feel good.It is equipped with dual 10.25 “full LCD instrument and central control screen, which has 1920×720 high precision resolution, and supports double screen linkage function, which can realize the synchronous display of media, telephone and navigation information.It not only improves the sense of science and technology, but also fully meets the functional needs of young people for mobile phone mapping. CarPlay and CarLife are all arranged, otherwise it would be a pity that such a large screen cannot be used for screen projection.