Volvo’s new S90: a ‘unique’ luxury

2022-06-01 0 By

There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people, and so it is with luxury.Nowadays, how to interpret luxury has become a hot topic in the automobile circle, should it be those surplus (wave) (cost) “trench” type materials, or let people call wow gorgeous technology?Volvo believes that “luxury” is “extreme”, Volvo luxury is very important for people, the essence, very valuable safety, health and the pursuit of sustainable development to the extreme, and this is the new S90 to consumers, from the unique luxury concept of Northern Europe.Since its establishment 94 years ago, safety has always been the original aspiration of Volvo Cars.Relying on the five-level safety system, The new Volvo S90 insists on the utmost safety in every link from normal driving, risk intervention, collision avoidance to occupant protection and even the care after danger, providing comprehensive protection for traffic participants and making travel more secure.The new S90’s standard City Safety urban Safety system provides drivers with brake assistance in a variety of complex traffic conditions.In addition, the new S90 also provides LKA lane keeping assist system, DAC fatigue warning system, TPMS tire pressure monitoring system, and a comprehensive intelligent escort system including BLIS blind spot information system with steering assist, which forms a strong safety barrier for all aspects.In addition, the passive protection of the new S90 also strives for perfection. The modular safety defense mechanism is adopted, and the whole system is equipped with ultra-high strength cage safety body, WHIPS head and neck protection system, road deviation protection system, etc., constantly refreshing the safety benchmark of luxury cars.The luxury of Volvo cars is not only embodied in the appearance, but also in the interior. Starting from people, relying on the sensory health system of “smell, hear, touch, body and sight”, the new S90 luxury five-sense cabin is made to let drivers enjoy the immersive driving life of physical and mental pleasure.Thanks to CLEANZONE® ‘s AAC dual-effect enhanced air purification system, the new S90 blocks up to 95% of harmful PM2.5 particles in real-world road conditions, leaving every second of breathing pure and natural.New standard laminated glass sound insulation effect is excellent, close the door away from the hustle and bustle, quiet and pleasant;The 19-speaker Bowers&Wilkins® palace sound system uses unique “space conversion technology” to switch between four sound modes: studio, independent stage, Gothenburg Concert Hall and jazz club, creating a truly immersive auditory experience.In addition, the new S90 features an ergonomic seat developed by orthopedic surgeons from the Royal Swedish Academy of Medicine and Volvo engineers, which uses eight different soft and hard fillers to fit tightly into the human back, as well as electric heating and ventilation.The front seats have up to 45 kinds of massage combinations to ease travel fatigue, so that every trip can be leisurely.As the third generation star engine of Volvo’s new S90, B5 power model introduces a 48V mild hybrid power system, matching with an 8-speed manual transmission, with a large power of 250 horsepower. The engine can reach a peak torque of 350 NM at 1800 RPM, and it only takes 7.2 seconds to accelerate to 100km, and the comprehensive fuel consumption is 6.6L/100km.The harmony of high energy and low consumption is realized.At the same time, thanks to the kinetic energy recovery system equipped with 48V light mixing system, the new S90 can recover the braking kinetic energy through ISG integrated motor technology, which not only makes the dynamic response extremely fast, but also makes every start and stop experience light and smooth, and comprehensively improves driving comfort.When the speed is below 10 km/h, the engine automatically stops when the brake is pressed, making the engine more accurate and efficient, and the cabin calm is greatly optimized.When starting, the motor can instantly wake up the engine in a few hundred milliseconds, up to a very good speed range.This reduces emissions by 15% and fuel consumption by 7%, both moving and moving.The T8 plug-in hybrid model relies on the perfect power combination of double supercharging and efficient motor to achieve the 100km acceleration of 5.1 seconds and the comprehensive fuel consumption of 1.8L/100km, becoming an effective practice of “environmental protection is luxury” of Volvo cars.To sum up, as a vivid interpretation of Volvo’s luxury concept of “safety is luxury, health is luxury, environmental protection is luxury”, The new Volvo S90 will make the body and mind happy and luxurious five-sense cabin, relaxed and comfortable driving and all-round safety protection perfect integration, bringing a unique luxury driving experience.The event will run from April 1, 2022 to April 30, 2022