The demolition of enclosure iron fence, residential green space for a new look

2022-06-01 0 By

Qingdao Daily on July 15, 7 edition of the issue of “destroy green enclosure, can not become a” standard with the first floor “!Reports, reflecting the city south district day Tai Taoyuan residential buildings in front of the public green space by the iron fence enclosure occupied vegetables, stacking sundries.Recently, the reporter returned to find that the original enclosure green iron fence has been removed, the community’s green environment has been improved.Before that, tiantai Taoyuan residential area privately occupied public green space phenomenon is quite a lot, some owners use iron fence enclosure occupied public green space, in the reclamation of vegetables, stacking sundry;Some owners build illegal buildings on public green space;Some owners simply uproot the green space and harden the ground into a road.Some residents told reporters that even though chengguan law enforcement officers had come to enforce the law and removed part of the fence, after the law enforcement was over, some owners re-installed the fence and continued to occupy the public green space.Recently, the reporter came to the city south district fenghua road 52 days of taoyuan community return visit.There are altogether 7 blocks in this community. As it is close to a large public green area, the enclosure and destruction of public green space around Building 4 are the most serious.The reporter observed that the iron fence that originally occupied the public green space around Building 4 has disappeared, and the vegetables planted in the public green area have been cleaned up, and the beautiful landscape has been restored.Reporters learned from shinan district, after the problem reported, shinan district eight great Lakes street office and law enforcement squadron staff members in the area of the enclosure of the phenomenon of green space for centralized clean-up.Property companies have also strengthened the daily supervision and inspection, found that the enclosure behavior in time to dissuade, and reported to the law enforcement departments to remove, to prevent the resurgence of problems.”The department’s law enforcement deterred the owners who damaged the green space, and the problem did not return after rectification.Now, the iron fence that occupied the green space has been removed, and the damaged public green space is gradually restored. The environment of the community has taken on a new look.”Village resident Zhang Sheng said.(Qingdao Daily/Sea view news reporter Qiu Zhengwen/photo)