Tax bureau of Beihu District: shoulder the new mission and write a new chapter with vigorous energy

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Rednet moment correspondent Huang Yida Luo Yuan chenzhou report on job evaluation, work retreat meeting, on-the-spot inspection, style of great rectification, visit visit…….At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, the Beihu District Tax Bureau recently reviewed the work of the previous year, implemented the performance assessment, and planned the deployment of the work of the New Year 2022. With the momentum of “the beginning is to start the war, the beginning is to sprint” and the energetic energy of the tiger tiger, it deeply promoted the work to break through difficult problems, break new roads and open new bureaux.The team of The Party Committee of Beihu Tax Bureau goes deep into the front line, commands, schedules and compacting responsibilities, shoulder the new mission hand in hand, and write a new chapter.Work style rectification mobilization meeting.Be early to ensure that all work gets off to a good start.Also in the provincial bureau issued last year about the optimization of tax source management draft for comments, the district bureau is the first time early arrangement, the first full discussion of unified thinking, the establishment of special classes to promote reform, education and training;At the end of December last year, the scope of collection and management was adjusted according to the requirements of township, street and community grid services, and a total of 13,487 taxpayers were adjusted.The district bureau has arranged special topics for many times, supervised and guided in-depth collection units, encouraged bold exploration combined with reality, and strove to take the lead in the reform of collection and management.In recent days, the district bureau also combined with the performance assessment has carried out a statement of duty and integrity of the party construction, On January 20, the district bureau held a work session, so that the heads of various departments appeared on the stage, talk about the past, check the problem, said the plan, accept the inspection of the Party committee and cadres and workers, one by one scoring evaluation.All departments objectively analyzed strengths and weaknesses, carefully sorted out problems and difficulties, clearly proposed development goals, formulated specific measures, especially put forward comments and suggestions on the transformation and reform of tax collection and management, work style improvement, performance appraisal and other overall key work, and jointly planned development ideas.The district bureau draws on suggestions and suggestions in time, anchors the direction and grasses the grasp accurately, and ensures the “steady opening” and “good start” of all work.Work supervision.Go deep go real will work inspector in place 4 people, 5 problems, according to each problem 200 yuan penalty 1000 yuan.The rc for the tax service hall of recent specific inspection report, since the beginning of the end of November in 2021 for rc three tax service hall to carry out the supervision and check weekly bulletin, as well as online monitoring video sampling, there is also a field site supervision, check the dress, epidemic prevention and control, tax services, spot checking the latest hall business problem, effect is apparent,Greatly improved the management level of the three tax service halls of the district Bureau.Since January, according to the unified dispatching rc, rc party committee is offline to each stock, hall, a unit, it will deploy adopted nearly time to focus on work and in their respective work, in charge of conducting on-the-spot inspection, especially the organization income, collection and management reform, style of discipline, epidemic prevention and control, production safety, etc., such as supervision, bulletin, evaluation mode actuates the cadres and workers,According to the requirements of the current municipal party committee, spelling in the front, real word first, dry word in the forefront, dry, dry, dry, dry, dry, dry new achievements, see the new atmosphere.Guide taxpayers to handle self-service business.Strictly grasp small style of work major rectification tree fresh style of work construction is always on the road.On December 31, 2021, the last day of the New Year, the district bureau held a mobilization meeting of “Strict supervision means kindness” to rectify the work style, and planned to carry out a three-month campaign to rectify the work style and stick to it regularly.With municipal party committee, municipal government to carry out the “emancipation of mind, service quality, efficiency, big ascension, environmental optimization” activities, the combination of warning education to develop and strengthen policies and regulations study, strict discipline, in-depth examination of check on work attendance, hire a third party to carry out the spot investigations and smooth traffic supervision and complaint channel regulation measures in five aspects, such as, monthly bulletin punishment in place,We will further strengthen and improve the style of work of Party members and officials and open new bureaus and create new practices.At the same time, the district bureau actively carried out the clean government talk before the Spring Festival holiday, the bureau leadership and the departments in charge, with cadres and workers face-to-face communication, zero distance communication, both a clean government talk to remind, compact clean government responsibility;In addition, we also carried out discussions and visits to understand the thoughts and concerns of cadres and staff, and visited more than 30 party members and cadres, people in difficulties, and retired cadres to solve the urgent and anxious problems of cadres and staff within our capacity and do our best to do practical things for cadres and staff.