Starbucks crowded into chongqing’s old street, really not harmonious

2022-06-01 0 By

As chongqing people, for the brand of starbucks coffee last crazy type aggressively expanding behavior in recent years is quite a disgruntled, starbucks at will open stores in the “magnetic device mouth” and “eighteen ladder” this visit of the Chinese traditional style old street, its itself is a kind of serious discord, how much is a little provocative;In the peaceful atmosphere of many Chinese traditional culture and flavor stores, this unique foreign so-called noble Starbucks is actually so antipathetic, piercing and awkward!I do not know why the organizers of the traditional street to let them access?Recently, the incidents of “Starbucks drove away police who ate boxed lunch” and “Starbucks stores involved in chongqing were sent white flowers and thrown eggs” on ciqikou old street may have sounded an alarm bell for starbucks, which is quite arrogant.