Register in May and enroll in July!Shenzhen kindergarten entry time line arrangement!The consequences of a mistake can be serious

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Generally speaking, kindergarten enrollment in Shenzhen will follow the primary school enrollment.But from the perspective of the actual situation in 21 years, enrollment and enrollment are almost synchronous, so families who entered the park in 22 years must pay close attention to the policy trends!As many parents still don’t know what they need to prepare for entering the kindergarten, we have specially compiled the key time + key things for entering the kindergarten in 2021 (parents who have entered the kindergarten in 22 years must refer to it).Because the form of kindergarten registration in shenzhen districts will not be particularly unified, the severity of the material is also different because of the specific requirements of kindergartens.Therefore, you will highlight the important things to pay attention to, which is very valuable. Now follow your steps and find out what you have to do next!In order to successfully apply for the children to the public park degree, must look carefully, take notes!First, pull a timeline of the entry phase of 2021 (2022 will be similar to that of 21 unless there are special circumstances).After the release of the official enrollment content of 2022, the students will be updated as soon as possible. Parents can follow our official account to push the content timely.Shenzhen time line (reference 2021) point in time in the park – keywords: 5.20 the enrolment notice: at the end of release 5.21 ~ 5 district garden recruit students general rules and the admissions policy at the end of may to early June: district started net reported in early June ~ 6 months: preliminary examination 6 months to July school materials: to review various functional departments in early July to 7 months: publish the results at the end of July and August admission:Enrollment physical examination, enrollment registrationAbove is the combination of shenzhen district in rhythm, but each specific time there will be some difference, some area progress faster, some progress is slow, so make sure you will be subject to the requirements of their oh ~ 2, 5-8 garden where important matters needing attention in jun 21 years shenzhen public garden based admissions rhythm summed up the following matters needing attention forecast not big changes (22),But for parents who want to enroll in private parks, the pace is different.First of all, it is necessary to distinguish whether to choose private bilingual park or private universal park.If you apply for private bilingual kindergarten, the kindergarten will usually announce the enrollment brochure in March or April in advance and inform parents of the relevant registration process (such as Open Day, interview, etc.);If you sign up for private pratt &whitney type, you can refer to the following matters needing attention of the public garden district issued to understand and prepare ~ 5 month admissions policy (attached) + start network to (1) according to the 2021 shenzhen kindergarten enrollment situation, parents can pay attention to the enrollment of three of the following information: on May 20, city bureau of education issued the kindergarten enrollment work.It involves the general enrollment time arrangement of each district, and will attach the basic information collection table and other materials for children in the park.Starting from May 21, each district education bureau has released kindergarten enrollment policies.But some areas will be more detailed (such as Longhua, Dapeng, etc.);Some districts may just follow the municipal notice (such as Luohu, Nanshan, etc.);There are also some districts that do not issue district-level enrollment policies (such as Baoan, which only issued enrollment questions in 21 years).Specific kindergarten issued enrollment brochure (★★★★★).This is the focus of kindergarten enrollment content (the requirements of the most careful, the most specific), regardless of the district has no detailed district enrollment policy, it is suggested that parents should refer to their own target kindergarten enrollment brochure!(2) After the official enrollment policy is released, each district will open enrollment according to its own pace of kindergarten enrollment.However, the registration methods of kindergartens in different districts are not uniform. In 21, it is known that 6 districts have their own unified online registration systems, namely, Futian, Longhua, Pingshan, Dapeng, Guangming and Yantian.In the case of the bokjeon District, which has a registration system for the 21st year, parents can fill in the registration information and submit the application materials (photo or copy) on the Internet.⭐ For those without a unified enrollment system, parents may directly register and submit materials on the official website or directly register and submit materials at the kindergarten in accordance with the enrollment brochure of the target kindergarten.Material preliminary review + material review, review the review process is mainly divided into material preliminary review and qualification review, review.(1) The preliminary examination of materials is mainly carried out by the kindergarten, that is, the kindergarten will check whether the materials submitted by parents meet the requirements in the registration system, and some districts will require parents to bring the original materials to the kindergarten for on-site examination.The method of preliminary examination in each district in 2011 is as follows for reference only (due to the impact of the epidemic in 2011, most kindergartens were audited online) :(2) the review of materials, also called qualification examination, is mainly carried out by various functional departments, including public security, real estate, housing, social security, health and other functional departments.When the qualification examination is completed, the registration system will display the examination results. At this time, if parents have doubts about the results, they can timely modify the material information and apply for a review.The time for parents to apply for review and secondary verification is usually short (each district has its own time requirements), so parents must not delay!When the review is complete, parents can check their review results or pre-admission results in the admissions system.However, it should be noted that the system often shows that “preliminary approval” does not mean admission!The application materials are ok, but the final admission results will be subject to the official announcement of the kindergarten.(1) At this stage, all kindergartens have almost already had the results of pre-admission, and some kindergartens will directly notify parents of the admission results by phone or text message.So parents in July to make sure your phone is unobstructed delta state ~ 21 years in futian district kindergarten enrollment message screenshots and in addition to text messages and phone calls, part of the kindergarten in their own public eventually admit children list number (usually not born with the lowest categories and integral), parents can also focus on the public notice in a timely manner.(2) For some public parks with limited degrees, when the number of applicants exceeds the number of planned enrollment, lottery or lottery will be adopted for admission.Kindergarten in Yantian district holds a lottery to decide the admission list. Kindergarten in Nakhu District holds a lottery to decide the admission list. However, not all kindergartens use lottery to decide the admission list.(3) Some kindergartens will prepare “Admission Notice” for parents with a sense of ceremony. The content is usually some instructions for entering the kindergarten. Parents need to complete the follow-up registration or new student report according to the requirements of the notice.Admission Notice of Bao ‘an District Kindergarten In August Physical examination + vaccination certificate + Kindergarten registration (1) When the final admission result is known, in fact, the kindergarten enrollment season is not over, parents still need to complete the “kindergarten registration”.If the registration is not completed, the kindergarten will consider the parents to give up the degree that has been accepted.In 21, the registration time of kindergartens in each district is different. The general situation is as follows, and the specific requirements are subject to the provisions of kindergartens.(2) It is usually necessary to prepare the corresponding materials when registering, among which the medical examination report and vaccination certificate are more important.The physical examination report is usually valid within 3 months, so parents take their children to complete the physical examination project in time. Some kindergartens will inform the designated physical examination hospital in advance, so as to avoid the peak period.After knowing the notes for the enrollment season, please attach a general schedule for each district in 2021.As you can see, the steps are pretty much the same, but the exact time varies from district to district.22 years of admission parents first roughly understand each link roughly how long it takes, such as the official registration of the heart will have a bottom ~ the above is the important timeline of shenzhen park stage!The annual process is roughly the same, it is not particularly complex, as long as parents prepare materials, pay attention to the notice of kindergarten, deal with the whole process is very easy ~