One Piece, Ma’s got Marco

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“Hello, everyone, I’m the little snail,” Garlot said, recalling his earlier conversation with Pedro, “they felt that the dawn would finally come, and that the dawn would be Luffy.The gorgeous sunrise, slowly rising in the sea level, set off the scenery more beautiful.Revenge now, plus they met pedro’s Nemesis, perot sperry ROM now perot sperry ROM is take a bow to shoot was caught by Boyle’s Marco, Marco precarious situation, but upon lott’s mission is to put all of the power to defeat all kay above more, then stuck in a dilemma at the moment.But in the end the two men decide to avenge Pedro and go to fight Pero Pero to save Marco.In a moment, the two men rushed to Pero Pero’s face and developed a powerful attack on him.The old woman, holding Marco in her hands, became very angry when she saw this situation. She thought that there should be no love affair on the battlefield. In order to help Kaido solve the trouble in time, she gave up attacking Marco and turned back to the roof where Kaido was.The appearance of small jade side by small jade training of the dog attack, with ancient dinosaur fruit fly six cells.This also let small pei very angry, a dog also dare to bite the dinosaur, immediately launched a fierce attack on him.At the same time, Jade saved usopu and Na Mei two people, on the other side of the warrior Baboon first to delay, do not let them continue to pursue.On the other side of the armored forces, Taonosuke and Dawa meet Sasaki’s armored forces. Their armored forces are so powerful that even Yamato, with its huge shield and powerful defense, cannot take them down in a moment, and their physical strength is severely depleted.Because she has to attack the enemy on the one hand, on the other hand to protect Tao Zhizhu and ren from the enemy threat, this is very difficult.On the other side, General French suddenly appears from the rear, he is fleeing from the super giant Hacha, because he used the robot as a toy behind the chase, yamato and they are also facing unprecedented double attack.The giant’s attack power is so terrible that even a light swing of the mace can make a big hole in the floor.In order to avoid the enemy’s pursuit, Yamato has no choice but to jump to the next floor with the help of Taozhi, above the enemy only by General French.At the same time, he also used a very powerful trick, yamato’s strength is really terrible, just this one attack will knock down the super giant Hacha.Lufei their arrival, as if heralding and the country of dawn more and more gorgeous sun shine in, so that the world is more colorful, and the country will go where?How about knowing what’s gonna happen?Please listen to the next decomposition, I am a little snail, the above is my opinion and view, if you like, please pay attention to praise, thank you