Leiling down payment package card down 14 thousand

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Leiling down payment package brand down 14,000 leiling 0 down payment car new generation Leiling TNGA wisdom fun intermediate car, 113,800 hot selling, new TNGA1.5L power, 3 kinds of power, more choices.1. Financial courtesy: You can pick up your car for 5 years with 0 down payment, starting at 65 yuan per day, and you can easily realize your car dream with 10,000 yuan down payment (Toyota rental car).2. Participate in online activities, present and win exclusive online car purchase package at the store.3. Go to the store for free test drive and in-depth experience;Can make an appointment home test drive;Replacement gift, car gift, free evaluation of second-hand car replacement success more chance to win car subsidies.4. No worries plan for battery of dual-engine series: no worries for battery life and mileage of hybrid battery.5. Purchase subsidy of 3000 YUAN/set for successfully replacing fuel car models with old ones or 5000 yuan/set for scrapped cars in Guangdong Province (it is required to check whether the subsidy is in line with the scope of real-name verification in Guangdong Provincial small program).Interested friends may wish to call the hotline: or click below “inquiry” consultation enjoy network sales S-VIP channel, to the shop consultation free trial drive.The event will run from February 12, 2022 to February 19, 2022