IEM six teams were born, QUQU was watching, red Star’s progress scared him, Navi hung

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Balsam pear original, reproduction will investigate!Bitter melon e-sports – let you experience a different e-sports anchor circle!For CSGO fans are canine teeth for IEM event that’s for sure can’t miss it, after the first few rounds after the battle of the top six teams are all come, have to say, to six, and proved its strength, the battle is really very wonderful, absolute can represent CSGO supreme power.As a classic FPS game, CSGO really carries the youth of too many people. The amazing thing is that the game is still popular, and the game anchor is naturally the happiest because the game is so popular. After all, there is a market.When it comes to today’s popular CSGO anchors, huya QUQU must be mentioned. This man also once stood at the peak of his career. After devoting himself to live broadcasting, his live broadcasting career is getting better and better.This IEM competition, QUQU is also in huya Road 2 whole watch commentary, professional god commentary professional events, netizens are more and more happy.For this time of the IEM top six, QUQU is also has its own forecast, after all, the whole of onlookers, the strength of the team is also on the war is very understand, according to QUQU, Navi to want to get back in the dynasty, was not easy, a little, at least now red star a bit fierce, momentum is becoming more and more strong, high low open, the progress of the red star QUQU are afraid of.Of course, until the last moment of the game, no one knows the result, but also curious, do not know whether QUQU’s prediction is accurate.At present, IEM is also ushered in a short rest time, QUQU broadcast room just can let the net friends feast their eyes.In terms of technology, QUQU the unconventional great god, is really beautiful, god anticipation to let a person admire, as one of the top sniper players, QUQU but had too much of the day show operation, such as direct waiting point behind the door, said three seconds, the other party will appear, as the end of the countdown sniper rifle hit a direct hit, the enemy barrage is off.Finally, WE look forward to more wonderful QUQU in the future.I am bitter melon, I bring my own salt!(Without oil)