How does Chinese medicine cure rheumatoid arthritis?

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# Education Listen to me # # Rheumatoid arthritis how to avoid joint deformities?# Last winter, a 22-year-old female from Liaoning province was admitted to our hospital for rheumatoid arthritis.Self-complaint: morning stiffness of finger joints, wandering pain, slightly overworked on joint pain.When examined at the hospital, CCP was close to 200, the normal range was 0-25.0.He was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.The doctor prescribed many western medicines for rheumatism, but the effect was not good after taking them for half a year.I occasionally read my articles on the Internet and begged me for treatment.After I understood her condition, I saw the girl’s sincerity, so I decided to do my best to treat her.So he gave the patient half a month of traditional Chinese medicine.Half a month after eating, the patient felt relieved, so he asked to take medicine again, AND I gave another half a month.One month later, the patient went to the hospital for another test, and CCP index decreased significantly, to 147.0.One month later, the patient asked for another prescription. Because the end of the year was approaching, the Courier suspended his vacation and prescribed drugs for 20 days in order to eat the Spring Festival.After the Spring Festival, the patient went to check again and said that everything was normal.CCP is down to normal, ie between 0 and 25.0.Unfortunately, due to the patient’s negligence, the test list was lost. Fortunately, the patient felt everything was fine.The following is the chat record with the patient. Due to privacy protection, the patient’s privacy-related words cannot be sent.The symptoms disappeared, but unfortunately the test sheet was not saved and all the examination indicators were normal. Unfortunately, without the test sheet, the treatment of the patient was very smooth, and the time for taking medicine was short, which was mainly because the patient’s disease was not long, only half a year. If the time was more than a year, or three or five years, the treatment time was very long.The biggest difference between Traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine is that traditional Chinese medicine can stop taking medicine after cure, while western medicine cure is just control, not real cure, you have to take medicine for life.Also advise some are eating Chinese medicine treatment of patients, if your treatment is effective, must not follow some fool, halfway stop medication, treatment for others, then you really lost, money spent, but also sick, again treatment, not only should start from scratch, even more than the previous time to treatment, spend more money to treat,Not only money but also suffering.Remember not to give up halfway, listen to slander!