Harbin Wentou Group has reached cooperation intention with four counties and one district of Shuangyashan city

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At the beginning of the year of the tiger, Harbin city people’s congress, Harbin longjiang think tank brigade group chairman wang gang, general manager du hk cranes, group public service platform commissioner Sun Chengzhi, Liu Wenfa, Li Xiaolin related personnel to visit shuangya shan area of four counties, discuss the investment RongZhi related work matters, for the year of the tiger development Marty natalegawa!CAI Chunyi, Deputy Secretary of Baoqing County Party Committee and County head, Shao Minxue, Deputy Secretary of Shuangyashan Lingdong District Party Committee and District Head, Sheng Ruoxin, standing Committee member of Raohe Municipal Committee and Executive Deputy County head, Li Shaowei, Standing Committee Member of Friendship County Committee, Qi Wenhui, Deputy County head of Jixian County and other district and county leaders attended the meeting.On February 14, at 8 in the morning, in the county friendship conference rooms, the county party committee standing committee of the communist party of China friendship Li Shaowei, director of the county economic cooperation promotion center section of the relevant person in charge of super and met with the delegation, Li Shaowei member introduces the basic situation and friendship county investment promotion and capital introduction, exchanging, hope and the public service platform of investment group Harbin in-depth cooperation, platform project ground friendship county as soon as possible.Shao Minxue, deputy Secretary of Shuangyashan Lingdong District Party Committee and District Head, Li Xin, standing Committee member and executive deputy District Head, and Li Chunpeng, director of economic Cooperation Bureau met with Chairman Wang Gang and his party in the conference room of county government at 10 am. Shao Minxue, district head, said that Lingdong District has rich natural resources, solid industrial foundation and broad space for development.At present, it is in a new stage of development, so it is necessary to find a correct positioning and seize development opportunities in active service and integration into the new development pattern. Harbin Cultural Investment Group has a wide range of business areas and strong comprehensive strength. We hope that both parties can deepen understanding and reach consensus through this negotiation.We look forward to cooperation in projects such as new energy power generation, smart city, smart agriculture, East Lake Scenic Area, hot spring vacation and medical care integration. In the future, we will gradually deepen and expand cooperation areas, promote deeper practical cooperation and achieve a higher level of mutual benefit and win-win results.At 15 PM, in the jixian county government conference room, The deputy head of Jixian County Qi Wenhui said that Jixian has obvious geographical advantages, a solid resource base, strong momentum of development, the county economy has shown a good trend of sustainable and healthy development,I hope Harbin Cultural Investment Group can actively attract investment for Jixian county, in cultural tourism, smart city, new energy projects to give full play to the advantages of provincial capital city enterprises, jixian advice, county economic cooperation center director Hu Xiaoqiang accompanied the meeting.At 20 PM, CAI Chunyi, deputy Secretary of Baoqing County Party Committee and County Magistrate, Liu Dahai, member of standing Committee of Baoqing County Party Committee and Secretary of Politics and Law Committee, and Yan Rui, deputy County Magistrate met with Chairman Wang Gang and his party at the reception center of County Government. CAI Chunyi, county magistrate, introduced the industrial characteristics and investment attraction direction of Baoqing County.We hope to have in-depth cooperation with Harbin Cultural Investment Group in cultural tourism, mineral resources, smart agriculture, smart environmental protection, new energy and other aspects.CAI Chunyi, the county magistrate, said that Wang Gang, chairman of the board of Directors, was a well-known entrepreneur and hoped to bring his entrepreneur friends to Baoqing County to invest and start business with his own influence.CAI Chunyi, on behalf of the county Party committee and the county government, expressed his deep gratitude to Harbin Wentou Group for its role as a state-owned enterprise to send projects, introduce funds, build platforms and finance concepts.Wang Chunshan, director of the county Bureau of Culture and Tourism, Liu Xiaoyu, director of the county Bureau of Economic Cooperation, Zhao Shengtao, director of the county center for Economic Cooperation and Promotion, song Zhiwei, director of the county tourism Service Center accompanied the meeting.At 11:00 a.m. on February 15, Sheng Ruoxin, member of the Standing Committee of RAohe Municipal Committee and Executive Deputy Magistrate of Raohe County met with Chairman Wang Gang and his delegation on behalf of Member of the Standing Committee of Raohe County Committee and Magistrate Fu Dianjun.Sheng said Raohe is a beautiful place and the agricultural economy continues to improve.We hope that the public service platform of Harbin Cultural Investment Group can help Raohe attract investment and wisdom in smart agriculture, deep processing of agricultural products, environmental protection and other aspects.Wang gang, chairman of the four county area during the inspection in shuangyashan negotiation to leadership introduced the basic situation of Harbin wen investment group, public service platform to help the function and the service concept of investment, financing, RongZhi, hope to the shuangyashan and in-depth cooperation, during 14 or 15 make positive contribution to the economic development of districts and counties, also hope group introduced project blossom in districts and counties as a result,Seek development for local government, seek welfare for local people!With the visit and negotiation, Harbin Cultural Investment Group has reached in-depth cooperation intention with Shuangyashan four counties and one district in the fields of public service platform construction, new energy investment, intelligent environmental protection, intelligent agriculture and intelligent community, and the advantages of the group will be further released.