Famous Writers on Writing (1)

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Make an outline before you start writing!Read and revise as you write!”Think before you write, don’t just write.Think almost, have an outline, can give an outline.Outlines can be written on paper or kept in mind.Anyway, think about it before you write.After you have written it, read it a few times, at least two or three times, to yourself or to a friend.Where there is no sense, where there is nonsense, where words are not appropriate, you can generally hear them out.In short, to read more and change, the progress of the composition is fast.Ask others to change, others may change not very carefully, or others to change the truth of their own do not understand, this is not much good.Of course, if the others are careful, it is very helpful to understand them carefully.”One language master Ye Shengtao on learning Chinese writing comments: Although Ye Lao talked about the “big” writing category, but the official document writing is all the same, here especially emphasize two points, one is to write an outline, “belly” draft, that is, to have an idea, what exactly want to write?Don’t try to write where you want to write, which can lead to a jumbled and confusing structure.Second, after the completion of the draft to modify, not only to change, but also to change while “read”, read out loud!It’s “reading,” not meditating.Remember primary school, the teacher every day to arrange early “read”, are required to “read” books, and even recite, indeed to improve the language writing level is very good.If the document can do these two points, it should also be of great benefit.Did you do it?