At twelve o ‘clock, the mice pray for a good harvest

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Lantern sheds are traditionally built on the 12th day of the first lunar month.Because of the approaching Lantern Festival, people began to prepare for the work, buy lanterns, build light shed.In the past, there was a special nursery rhyme to sing: “Eleven shout chirp, twelve lamp shed, thirteen turn on the lamp, fourteen lights are bright, fifteen lines and a half, sixteen people finish the lamp.”After the lamp shed, lanterns will be hung in advance, in hakka, because the “lamp” and “ding” homophone, so the twelfth month is also called point Ding day, said the clan to the new born male identity, but also meaning to add people import, people wealth two prosperous.The 12th day of the first lunar month is also called “Rat Festival”. The old tradition: kneading, beating, frying, burning and hiding.This day there is the custom of making dumplings, dumplings is “pinch the mouse mouth” to kill the mouse mouth, the mouse can not bite, there will be no mice in the home for a year.