10.4 billion yuan of financial flowing water enriches the city’s “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” undertakings

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Finance flowing water, agriculture, rural undertakings flourishing.On the morning of March 24, 8 financial institutions signed credit project contracts with 8 agriculture-related enterprises in the 2022 promotion meeting of municipal agriculture-related project investment and the promotion meeting of investment and financing in the first quarter.Arrived in mianyang, mianyang branch agri-businesses insurer ping an insurance of mianyang branch bank branch in mianyang and other financial institutions in mianyang yao east agricultural investment development co., LTD., sichuan qiang mountain agriculture and animal husbandry science and technology co., LTD. Mianyang Ann states for agricultural machinery professional cooperatives zhengda farming food co., LTD., and other enterprises in chengdu 10.4 billion yuan of credit risk and provide guarantee amount is 3.1 billion yuanFor a long time, The city has been committed to strengthening cooperation between government, finance and enterprises, striving to optimize the financial ecological environment for the development of agriculture-related subjects, fully meeting the diversified financial needs of agriculture-related subjects, exploring new ways of financial support for rural revitalization, and building a new pattern of financial assistance for rural revitalization.This year, the city will continue to provide financial support for agriculture-related entities, and promote the reasonable growth and qualitative improvement of rural revitalization in Mianyang.”We will guide financial institutions to inject more financial vitality into rural revitalization, strive to create a new situation of financial assistance to rural revitalization with better quality, more efficient and convenient financial services, and make greater financial contribution to the city’s work on agriculture, rural areas and farmers to a new level.”City financial work bureau relevant person in charge said.Mianyang Radio and TELEVISION Rong Media Center Reporter: Tang Yunfeng Editor: Mou Tingrong