Two women pay New Year’s greetings to the business to the money, give less but also call names, the owner of the tracking and filmed the spoils of the picture

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Chinese New Year is a day for family reunion. Those who have been struggling for a year will return to their hometown at this time and return to their relatives.After the Lunar New Year’s Eve, people also have a rest at home for a few days to spend time with their families, which they rarely see all year round.However, many hardworking people still start to work early, after all, the family has to live on their own, they have to work hard to make money.Many brick-and-mortar shopkeepers also opened their doors early, even if there were few customers, hoping for a year of good business.On February 4, two women dressed as gongs and drums came to a shop in Luzhou, Sichuan province to pay New Year’s greetings.This is something that many of us have seen quite often, even when we are shopping in the store. This is a person who comes to win a prize.These people generally wear festive clothes, some people directly wear the clothes of the god of wealth, praise the shop and the boss, the boss will generally send a little money, sometimes said well, the kind of generous boss, more money.This kind of thing encounters once or twice occasionally, the bosses also do not have what opinion, but now many people come to the door to want money through this kind of means, and do not divide holiday to want, some let a person disgusted.In particular, there are some people, you do not give money he will not go, or even say some bad words, the boss in order to get rid of them, just give some money but they dislike less, really heart.The boss of Luzhou also encountered such a thing, originally New Year’s day shop to welcome good luck, the result came to two New Year’s day to get color woman.Two women dressed in red band dresses, one with a small drum on her back and the other with cymbals in her hand, asked for New Year’s greetings.Some shopkeepers will send a little money to let them go in order to avoid trouble, but some shopkeepers do not want to pay, after all, bricks-and-mortar business is not doing well.One of the shop owners said that when two women came to ask for money, he did not want to give money, thinking that the other party would walk away.Results two women see less than money, incredibly began to curse, originally big New Year’s day happy heart, out of this matter good mood instant no.Shopkeeper’s anger however, this kind of door-to-door begging behavior, oneself do not want to give the other party incredibly also become angry from embarrassment, make oneself like a big villain.The angry shopkeeper chased the two women all the way, and later found the two women secretly sharing money in a corner. Look at the pile of money, many people can not earn this much in a day’s work.In fact, many of the people who say a few words of blessing to the boss are some old people or people with diseases who have no financial resources.Normally people like this would come and ask for some money, and people would be very happy to help, but these two women are not so old, and there is no problem.Now many bosses don’t want to pay for this kind of “New Year’s call”, it’s totally forced begging, and not as principled as those begging.The shopkeeper drove the two women away directly, but the two women did not show weakness, but also export curse, this is almost like a hooligan door to collect protection money, after not receiving the money scolding is no different.After being scolded by the two women, the shop owner directly took pictures of them with his mobile phone, chased them for a long way and caught them sharing money under a bridge.See that pile of change, although there is no big amount of cash, but this is a large amount of income, many people can not earn so much money in a hard day.And now many people like to use mobile phones to scan, if some bosses have no cash, directly on the phone to two people sent red envelopes, it is estimated that this day can earn a lot of money.Some netizens said that they also had strangers visiting them on The first day of the New Year. Although it is not easy to spend money on the first day of the New Year, their parents still gave the man a red envelope because he was dressed in shabby clothes.In fact, if it is really difficult, people are still willing to help, but purely for the sake of making money to “play the ghost”, will be disgusted.As netizens said, such behavior is no different from door-to-door begging, and many people will not do such a thing even if they have no money, unless it is really difficult and there is no other way.If their pure for the sake of making money, and take such behavior, and want money not to call people names, it is some corrupt atmosphere.​​