The prison guard post expands massively, the remuneration is generous why often lacks person, on-the-job personnel say reason

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As we all know, law is the foundation of a country. Law upholds social fairness and justice. Law can provide people with a good life order.Of course, laws govern people’s lives, but there are always violations of law and morality in life, and they are punished when they do.There are many punishment measures in the country, and prison is the most popular punishment measure. At this time, prison guards play a very important role in them.There are many kinds of positions in the world, and the prison guard position is very generous in terms of remuneration, and the salary can be considered very high.In recent years, there has been a large recruitment of prison guards in every region of the country.But real, on-the-job guards are scarce.There are different distribution of prisons in each region, and there are no strict educational qualifications, no specific age limits, and no high standards for height.In life, the position of prison guard can be regarded as a relatively easy job to apply for in life, and it can also be a relatively stable, regular and normal job in the serious situation of parents.In the national aspect, is also patriotic a very good job, but why the prison guard position although a large number of recruitment.Will there be a shortage of people or will there be a lot of scarcity?Prison officers everywhere frequently reveal the reasons behind this.It is well known that in prison, there is a fixed place to do things every day.The guard door is very strict, the prison facilities are also rough, dormitory, dining hall, playground is almost not put in the holiday three line.The dormitory conditions are not good, it can be said that it is cold in winter and hot in summer, and the clothes on the prison guards are fixed and the same, and everyone wears those several sets of clothes repeatedly.The food in the canteen is the same, and the taste is not as bland as the food outside.There is also a lot of exercise every day, a lot of physical exertion.So the conditions inside the prison can be said to be very difficult.In this respect, many people have been repelled, everyone is the pet of mom and dad at home, few people can eat such a bitter.Nowadays, many young people have the problem of laziness. They surf the Internet all day and their life will be disrupted without their mobile phones.They stay in bed all day long, and there are countless women who don’t go out for a long time.In prison, the guards have to supervise the inmates all day, and their movements are almost always monitored, whether they are eating or sleeping.In this case, their time can not do what they want to do, must be strictly supervised, and the time off is less and less.Other people’s statutory holidays will be off, but the prison guards can not, the prison personnel must always be optimistic, can not be lax.So during holidays, many prison guards can’t get off on time.So few people can accept such things and will not give priority to this job.It is well known that some criminals compound their mistakes without realizing them and plot to escape.And in the process of escape, can stop them in time is the prison guards.In the process of escaping, the criminals will be fully prepared, and their weapons will certainly be carried with them. When the prison guards stop them, they are very likely to encounter personal danger.We have heard a lot on the Internet about attacks on police in prisons. The security of prison officers is at great risk.Not only in prison, some prisoners may retaliate against the guards for their discipline in prison and harm them after they are released.Therefore, there are not many people who are not afraid of death, so for health reasons, many people in our country will not participate in this work.I think the work of prison guard is not easy, but there is no slack work in life. The work of prison guard requires a great sense of responsibility and requires sacrifice of a lot of time.It’s a lot of experience, but being a prison guard is a great and honorable job.They are not afraid of hardship, not afraid of fatigue, for the country, society can be said to have paid a great contribution.It is also worthy of our admiration in life.Although it is hard and tiring, but the pay is good, we can give priority to this job.Conclusion: The work of prison guard is very hard, but the salary is not bad, in the work, we should be responsible for this work, do serious attitude towards it.Behind the lack of staff is the difficulty of the job.This work is in direct proportion to the effort and harvest, no job is easy, the prison guard is no exception, this work is very great, but also worthy of our respect.