Take the initiative to push up the “storm”, Lenovo officially confirmed!What is Yang Yuanqing going to do?

2022-05-31 0 By

In this period of time, Lenovo has been in a “storm”, at the beginning of the “science and technology innovation board” retreat was questioned, and then some well-known people questioned the loss of its state-owned assets, and then again because of the investigation of the “science and technology innovation board one-day tour” inside the storm.Ultimately, though, Lenovo was forced into this situation.But in recent days, Lenovo officially confirmed a message, but is to take the initiative to push themselves into the “storm”.According to the relevant information shows, recently on sea tripod road wisdom core semiconductor limited company was established, and the total capital that registers is in 300 million yuan.It’s safe to say that given the lack of a chip and the fact that Chinese semiconductors are focusing on this aspect of development, the launch of a new chip company is hardly noteworthy.But the news still attracted the attention of many netizens.Mainly, the new chip company behind the real control is the recent period of considerable doubt lenovo Group.Therefore, many netizens began to talk about Lenovo again when they saw a suspicious Lenovo Group, which decided to make chips at an inappropriate time and registered capital of only 300 million yuan.But much of the discussion was less than flattering.In addition to a small number of people think that this is Yang Yuanqing finally began to wake up, and Lenovo this is in the wrong to change the behavior, more people think that Lenovo is trying to make core things to “whitewash” their negative impact.At the same time, some people think that Lenovo at this time just began to wake up core, early what to do.To put it bluntly, it is too late for Lenovo to have the trend of making core at this time.In short, with the launch of the new chip company, Lenovo has put itself at the center of the debate.Can take the initiative to push themselves into this situation, Yang Yuanqing is what to do?After all, from the normal point of view, under the public opinion should escape this “public opinion outlet”, but it happened that Lenovo did the opposite.What was all this about?As some netizens said, this is Yang Yuanqing’s awakening.For this view xiaobian does not agree, because talking about core this thing, and not after the “Lenovo” event.As early as last August, On lenovo’s financial communication, Yang Yuanqing clearly stated that he would double r&d investment in the next three years.They are also not ruling out developing their own chips.In other words, lenovo had this idea last year.Therefore, we cannot think that it is because of the public opinion of “Lenovo event” that Yang Yuanqing woke up to the fundamental factors that should change the enterprise development strategy.Personally, Yang Yuanqing is more inclined to seek more development possibilities for Lenovo with the help of his own “public opinion”.The reason for this is that Lenovo chip itself is very much in line with the current environment, or very much in line with lenovo’s economic interests.Although many people think lenovo has a bad reputation, we have to admit that lenovo has a wide range of businesses, including mobile phone business and printer products, in addition to computer business.So in this case, Lenovo is very short of chip layout in this respect.If Lenovo can rely on the layout of the chip, and the success rate is very high, then Lenovo’s own economic interests may also be greatly improved.Of course, even if Lenovo is not so successful in core making, at present, Lenovo chooses such a layout, for Lenovo’s economic interests will also be improved.To know that Lenovo is a listed enterprise, in the semiconductor itself some look “good” news is very easy to cause “interest floating”.Therefore, under the tuyere of “public opinion”, I take the initiative to push myself into the forefront of the storm, and my personal influence on lenovo is larger.Really say ugly point, also can redeem association of a few word of mouth really on certain extent.The above is purely personal analysis, if the netizens have other views also welcome to leave a comment, share and like!