New era civilization practice Yao Wuling: Zhilan street combined with epidemic prevention and control propaganda to prevent illegal fund-raising

2022-05-31 0 By

Massachusetts moment changde April 3 – (correspondent WuYan) in order to make the people understand the nature of illegal fund-raising and social harm, establish the awareness, enhance self-protection ability, safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, and recently, wuling district zhi LAN station street new era civilization practice do part of the volunteer union street economy, combined with the epidemic prevention and control work,Various publicity activities have been launched to “prevent illegal fund-raising”.First of all, in combination with the epidemic prevention and control “knock on the door action”, we took the initiative to explain to the residents the characteristics of illegal fund-raising, harm and prevention and control measures while checking information at the door.Secondly, the use of a number of electronic screens in the area of rolling broadcast against illegal fund-raising propaganda slogans and related knowledge, to create a strong publicity atmosphere.Finally, organize some volunteers to and joy city “national epidemic prevention, please wear a face mask” voluntary persuasion, distributing leaflets nearly 300 pages, through the preaching, to remind the majority of residents and businesses, consciously resist the various temptations, believed that “heaven won’t fall pie”, to “high returns” “get rich quick” calm analysis of investment projects, lest be deceived.Through the launch of the publicity activities, the masses consciously away from and resist illegal fund-raising, to create a good, harmonious, stable social atmosphere played a positive role, to achieve the “publicity of a group, influence a group, drive a” good effect.