Net personal payment qr code will stop using?How does the dealer collect money online?

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Website in October last year, the People’s Bank of China issued “the People’s Bank of China on strengthening handle payment terminals and related business management notice”, which has been clear about the series are put forward for collecting barcode pay management requirements, and announced that starting from March 1, 2022, WeChat and alipay mobile payment terminal will be limit “remote collection of personal credit code”,And stipulates that “personal payment code” can not be used for production and business activities.Does this mean that the personal QR code of the dealer can not be used to collect payment?If not, what are the better ways for the dealer to collect payment?With the development of mobile Internet, mobile payment has gradually become the main means of payment in the transaction scene, and online payment has gradually become the mainstream. When the scale becomes larger, some problems will inevitably occur in the whole process, so it is necessary to strengthen supervision.The notice requires that “personal QR code shall not be used for business transactions”. If the platform detects frequent transactions with personal qr code within a short period of time, it may be judged as business activities and be restricted from receiving payments.While dealers want to avoid this situation, the official solution is to directly upgrade the personal QR code to the business QR code, so that it will not be affected.In the daily operation of business enterprises, the two-dimensional code of payment is frequently used, many transaction scenarios will be used, upgrading the two-dimensional code of the business means that there is a certain transaction rate, if the dealer does not want to upgrade the personal two-dimensional code into the two-dimensional code of the business, then how to do?Are there more flexible ways to collect money?We provide exclusive commercial online payment QR code for all enterprises, and applicable to multiple transaction scenarios such as visiting sales, car sales, sit-sales and other modes, to help dealers quickly complete online payment, efficient and convenient.Scenario 1: Door-to-door sales, online collection salesman visits customers for door-to-door sales. When on-site settlement is required, the payment code of the APP can be opened directly after placing an order to collect the amount of the current transaction and quickly complete the transaction.Salesmen can add the two-dimensional code of enterprise payment to the common column on the home page of the APP. It is very convenient to open it and use it directly.Scenario 2: Online payment via APP After delivery, when the driver needs to collect payment on-site after delivery, the driver can click – in the delivery interface of the APP to collect payment online. After selecting the payment method of the customer, the system will automatically generate the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code of the payment amount, and the customer can scan the code to pay directly, which is convenient and fast.Scenario 3: shipping documents qr code collection drivers can be in the warehouse to print a outbound order before delivery, the goods detailed above shows the client order detail, also comes with collecting qr code, complete the outbound order to the customer after delivery, check the goods from the customers, such as price information is correct before scanning the qr code above payment directly, quickly complete the transaction.Scenario 4: One-click sharing of documents, online payment cloud Invoicing and deposit-selling IN the ERP software system, the dealer can share with the customer with one click. After opening the shared documents, the customer can click to see the details of the goods and the amount of the documents, and click to pay the dealer.Scenario 5: Store sales, face to face scanning code collection In some enterprises in the retail mode, customers purchase goods in stores and need to pay directly in person. Customers can use the scanning gun to scan the user’s payment code to collect payment.Cloud invoicing ERP software helps enterprises to quickly realize online payment collection in the above five transaction scenarios, greatly improving the efficiency of payment collection and ensuring sufficient cash flow.Safe and reliable polymerization More importantly, we reached a strategic cooperation with jingdong technology, provide polymerization method of payment for all enterprises, support WeChat pay, pay treasure, bai, jingdong, jingdong ious, unionpay and other mainstream payment channels, payer can choose, meet the demand of dealers downstream customers a variety of online payment.Converged payment has been chosen by more and more dealers because of its wide selection and low rate. Our customers can independently complete the online application of converged payment. With just four simple steps, they can immediately enjoy the intelligent and safe converged payment scenario.The diversified payment system of ERP software system of cloud invoicing and depositing can not only ensure that each dealer can quickly and conveniently complete online collection and timely collect funds when business is going on, but also unify the transaction statements of different channels into the same format after parsing and generating unified statements.Order details, payment channels, income and expenditure and other information at a glance, to meet the needs of enterprises reconciliation, improve the efficiency of reconciliation.For more payment function opening and use, formal customers please contact your exclusive customer service butler consultation;New friends who want to experience the product can click and experience the product immediately for free.