Luzhou Naxi district village branch secretary Jian Xianqiang: carefully keep promise “keep” the people

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“Jane branch secretary, since this section of road hardening, pulling orange car can be opened to the door, we can save 200 yuan per car of oranges.”Recently, Luzhou Naxi district shangma Town Yuntaisi village group two villagers Jian Shirong, talking about the convenience brought by road repair, his face showed a happy smile, joy is indescribable.Yuntaisi Village, Shangma Town, is located in the southwest of Shangma Town, Naxi District. It has 10 groups of villagers under its jurisdiction with a registered population of 2571.Strong JianXian served as party secretary in 2019, is always the focus people pursue a better life, eager to desultory and demand, with the aid of poverty engines work, integrate the villagers themselves within the “power” and “power”, the party committees and governments groundwork, strong party, xing industry, led the villagers from poverty to get rich, with practical action to practice mission beginner’s mind.Crack development bottleneck Through the life “point” horse town yuntai temple village is located in the deep hills area, due to its remoteness, traffic inconvenience, for a long time people can only “farming depends on, rely on to borrow money, living on welfare”, to break the status quo, strong JianXian actively strive for the project, for poverty alleviation project funds more than 500 ten thousand yuan, and the mountain plateau pond built more than 20 seats, increase transformer 6 sets,The construction of natural gas pipeline 10 kilometers, from water, electricity, gas and other aspects to meet the basic livelihood of the masses. At the same time, in order to let the masses of farmers’ products can be transported out, Jian Xianqiang actively strive for projects, mobilize the masses to fund road construction, built 12 kilometers of cement road through the village, 8 kilometers of production road,It has solved the travel difficulties for more than 2,000 people from over 600 households in the village.”Without the cement road, how could we earn a ticket, let alone live in such a good house, thanks to Jane Secretary”, “before the road was blocked, we could only afford to buy one or two yuan a kilo of oranges, but now the most expensive oranges can sell for ten yuan a kilo.And many kinds of vegetables, a dime a catty also can not be sold, well rotten in the field.After the road was completed, our oranges and vegetables could be shipped out, and our pockets gradually increased. Secretary Jian is really the ‘god of wealth’, “said the villagers.We need to strengthen Party building, promote development, increase people’s incomes, and fight poverty and revitalize rural areas.Grassroots Party organizations are the backbone of implementing the rural revitalization strategy.In my opinion, one thing we must do well in our work is to take Party building as our guide, gather the strength of party members, unite the strength of the people, shoulder the heavy burden bravely and work hard.”Jian xianqiang said.The train runs fast, all depends on the locomotive belt, the farmer wants to get rich, the key depends on the branch.Jian Xianqiang knows this truth very well. In 2020, Jian Xianqiang took the opportunity of the third party election of the village as an opportunity to absorb mingjian equal and rich people into the leadership of the branch.At the same time, strong JianXian also pay special attention to the cultivation of the reserve cadres will be under the age of 35, and has a high school education or above home university graduates and veterans, home business personnel, rural rich leader merit-based selection such as listed in the library, the reserve cadres of village cadres team injected “origin, promote grass-roots organization construction.Under the leadership of Jian Xianqiang, the people of the Yuntai Temple village Party branch gathered together, and the enthusiasm of the secretary for entrepreneurship was high, and the industrial projects in the village developed rapidly.Yuntai temple village forest coverage rate of 80%, good water should the shale sand land, sufficient sunlight, rainfall, may say is a kind of what to what, but the villagers planting notion, agricultural land consolidation degree is not enough, agricultural technology level is low, the rural labor force older, the production efficiency is low, the income is more difficult.”To break the traditional farming concept, develop sustainable income and become rich industries, so that farmers’ pockets really drum up, only in fruiting forest and special breeding efforts.”Find “sticking point” Jian Xianqiang has clear train of thought to developing industry that adds income to get rich.According to the characteristics of soil, climate and mountainous areas in Yuntaisi Village, the industry development orientation of special fruit + pig breeding cycle was determined.In 2018, Wang xiaogang took village cadres and villagers’ representatives to Meishan and Pujiang and invited fruit experts to test and analyze the water, light and soil of the whole village, and introduced high-quality fruits such as Chunjian and Aiyuan.At the same time, through the integration of national support project industrial development funds of 2.26 million yuan, by the village collective company concentrated circulation of 1000 mu of remnant forest land, all transplanting grafting spring see, Eyuan and other high-quality citrus varieties, built naxi district’s first thousand mu of citrus demonstration park.In order to ensure the benefits of the demonstration garden and increase the income of the villagers, Yuntaisi Village introduced Sichuan Luguo Agricultural Company to operate and manage the citrus garden. The company pays the service fee to the village collective every year until the expiration of the contract.At the same time, the company in the demonstration park management and other aspects of labor, all by the village collective responsible organization, priority to meet the transfer of land farmers family work needs, through the “company + village + farmer” development model, to achieve enterprise development, collective economic growth, employment and income of villagers to win the situation.So far, 2,200 mu of citrus industry has been developed, and it is expected to be put into production after 2022, with annual revenue reaching 12,000 yuan/mu.Relying on large-scale planting industry, the company cooperated with Luguo Company to build a breeding and breeding cycle ecological pig farm with an annual output of 2000 heads, which was put into operation in July this year with an estimated annual output value of 7.5 million yuan.Liu Yong of Yuntaisi Village 4 community, his mother has been sick in bed for a long time, and his daughter has reached the age of school. In 2019, a sudden car accident made their already poor family worse.JianXian strong information immediately after the contact health and civil affairs departments, use of anti-poverty policy out, from the most of the medical treatment fee,, after injury, strong JianXian use, will have a license to drive technology characteristic, coordination of agribusiness bank for its poverty alleviation loan bought a taxi, in luzhou opened rental, income five centuries yuan a day,Not only solved the family’s food and clothing, school and other problems, but also saved a sum of savings.Poverty households kuo-ming chu action inconvenience, there are body level 2 residual, two children to school and he lived alone in the home, under the guidance of strong JianXian, kuo-ming chu started trying to chicken, pursue a career in order to support him, strong JianXian gave him the various farming books, at the time of kuo-ming chu funds nervous, also lent him some money to buy feed, nowadays, kuo-ming chu not only out of poverty,Also become a small local famous farmers.Since Jian Xianqiang served as the village cadre in Yuntai Temple Village, he kept in mind the mission and the masses in mind, led the whole village party members to strive to practice the mass line “service pioneer”, sincerely helped the masses to solve practical problems, helped 41 households to complete the renovation of dilemidated houses, helped 51 households 135 people successfully out of poverty.The people’s difficulties were solved, the happiness index was improved, and more and more people praised Jian Xianqiang.But as a son, a husband, a father, he was nothing.Housework all farm work a man running by his wife, in 2019, strong JianXian years nearly s father accidentally fell off the leg, but at that time, in the period of the new champions league epidemic prevention and control of special blowout input pressure particularly big, father during hospitalization, in addition to send father to the hospital a can go to see father, the younger son of parents signature on homework has always been his wife’s handwriting.”To tell you the truth, he when village officials over the years, rarely give me help in the home, often run around the house inside and out of most of the time is to rely on my a person do, say no blame is untrue, but saw his body gradually angular, the villagers to his praise is more and more, I couldn’t say anything.””Said Xue Yongfang, Jian xianqiang’s wife.Article/photo: Ding Chunxiang zhou Chaowen Editor: Nie Yao Review: Feng Xiaogang