“Farmer medicine female: riches and honor linmen” she dressed as a farmer female, into the mountain hunting, farming fish all proficient

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Book fans happy Spring Festival, the Spring Festival holiday many friends have fallen into the dilemma of book shortage.This xiaobian Spring Festival does not have a holiday, but also to recommend more good books to the vast number of fans, this xiaobian hope you give me more encouragement, xiaobian carefully sorted out a few novels, absolutely let everyone see enough!I want you to watch it without sleeping!Without further ado, we’re on our way.# Book shortage # Xiao Bian strongly recommended several novels: “Rural medicine female: riches and honor Linmen” she dressed as a peasant woman, into the mountains to hunt, farming fish all proficient in the first: “Rural medicine female: riches and honor Linmen” author: Drunk Hongchen introduction: funny!She’s just dead, she’s hot, and all of a sudden she’s some ancient, unloved monster?Those thugs tried to beat her to death?!She’s never used to treating people who don’t like her!Make a mess, huh?One and two of them!”Rural medicine female: riches and honor linmen” she dressed as a peasant woman, into the mountains to hunt, farming fish all proficient words to Xu Jingyue.Before Xu Jingyue was frightened by the fish laugh after a night, home for a long time did not go out.Finally, the first thing I did was to get ready to see her Lord Wei.Her long hair was plaited into a complicated braid and she chose her most beautiful skirt.It’s peach. It matches her complexion.Put on the red small embroidered shoes, good, very satisfied.Walking on the road, pedestrians continue to look at her head.Xu Jingyue raised her neck as if she were a beautiful swan.Playing on the green lake, enjoying the baptism of people’s eyes.However, the lake seemed to be a little cold and had already entered the winter. She did not want to wear her thick winter clothes to meet Wei Chi. She always felt that the thick winter clothes could not highlight her beautiful curves.Pedestrians attention, in addition to her so dress really good-looking, more is, this is the winter ah, wear an autumn skirt, frozen lips purple, trembling hands and feet, so really good?However, Xu Jingyue felt good, fantasizing about wei adults to see her surprise eyes, the foot of the pace more and more fast up.With her beauty and status, Lord Wei, it can only be hers.Secretly came to Wei Chi’s door.Looking at this luxurious house, I was more satisfied with it. It was only in this way that SHE was worthy of Xu Jingyue.(click below free reading) the second: “riches and honour of the concubine you can not” author: Smoke month stream introduction: born in military family Zhou Qiao er preference farm, small age had great achievements, in an air disaster, through to a strange era.In this bird not shit place, she led her family, open land farming, fortune, but also the business to the capital.Priority: Zhou Fugui’s words, we all think it should.Don’t worry, Grandpa.Jo is the baby of the family, and will be adored by the whole family, as you say, in times of need and in times of need.”Zhou Chunsheng has a big brother appearance, first expressed his attitude.Yes, we’ll take care of her.”Zhou Xia Zhi is not behind, swear.”I want to protect my sister, too.”Small autumn equinox holding his small fist to ensure.Watching their four children sniffle, Joo daesheng and Yang say they are happy as long as they are together, even though their lives are poor.!Well, Jo earned these twelve pennies, and I want to keep half of them for Jo’s dowry. Do you mind?”Zhou Fugui laid out his long-term thinking.”Of course we don’t mind.”Zhou Xiazhi grinned.Joe Chou was embarrassed, “Grandpa, YOU’re thinking about this when I’m only old.In the future, I will make more money and let everyone live a good life.That can’t do, this fifty two silver must be given to you.”Zhou Fugui stuck to his guns.Zhou Qiaoer is very helpless, had to use devious tactics, “so, grandpa my dowry money by me to control?”(click below free reading) the third: “farmer’s wife: riches and honour face door” author: Leng Xiangyi introduction: female military doctor reborn to become ancient farmer army sister-in-law, beautiful appearance, show outside hui Zhong, superb cooking, heal the wounded and save the dying medical skill.My husband is tall, handsome, industrious and heroic.Husband and wife share joys and sorrows, thriving day up.Men born in poverty, handsome and smart, heart is steadfast, born in lotus, military hero wonderful extracts from priority: Julia li to take pills, let Tian Bao take orally, then borrowed deng card shark scissors, wine, wine, fire disinfect scissors, cut up some Tian Bao wound a little, showing skin, in the above and apply powder, give the Tian Baosan pill, let him from tomorrow on,Take one pill every day to remove residual poison and clear the fire. Finally, please note that the wound should not be stained with water, and avoid eating spicy and irritating food.Tian Bao no longer shed tears. He thanked Li Qingqing and said, “The wound is not so painful.I’m much better.The girl is really fierce, saved the frog sold a life.Oh, good. We don’t have to die anymore.Blessed by bodhisattva, the frog seller meets the girl.””Li shi, is this girl your relative?”Someone asked Li Lanlan about it.Li Lanlan no longer tangled sister how suddenly will medical skills of the matter, proud of the way: “yes.She’s my sister, my own sister.”Li Qingqing said to Tian Bao, “Don’t walk today. If your family comes, let them carry you home.”(Click below to read for free.) Over the New Year holiday, you can read as many novels as you want.If you have a better novel recommendation, be sure to share it with xiaobian, or leave a message to me. I’m looking forward to your recommendation.She passed through into the concubine of the evil king, anger off the evil king natural and unrestrained leave, evil king qian Li after his wife!Military marriage: she was forced to marry sick young young handsome, did not think of a blessing in disguise, into military wife wife!Disease jiao: his paranoid abdomen black means poison hot, meet her ferocious Yin surly of he, second small milk cat!The old saying: She was born again, heart like a rock!I want to sink, but was melted by his enthusiasm!