An asymptomatic infected person from an exception province has been found at the quarantine point in Chongyang County

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On March 22, chongyang County immediately placed an asymptomatic returnee from another province under centralized quarantine and conducted nucleic acid tests, according to the information released by the Hubei Provincial epidemic prevention and control headquarters.On March 23, the nucleic acid test result was positive and the patient was diagnosed as asymptomatic COVID-19 infection.The track of his activities in Hubei was as follows: The infected person, with negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours, drove from other provinces at 14:30 on March 15, got off the guihua station exit of Xiantong Expressway, turned to provincial Road S208 and entered his residence at no.174 guangcai Avenue, Tiancheng Town, Chongyang.Take a big truck to No. 6, Xinjian Road, Shicheng Town, Chongyang County for loading at 14:15 on March 16, have dinner at No. 369, Hesheng Avenue, Xian ‘an District at 20:00, and then go to Guanlianhu Road, Huangling Avenue, Wuhan Economic Development Zone for delivery.Arrive at Ninggang, Jiangxia District, Wuhan city at 11:00 on March 17th, and then load the cargo and leave for Hunan.At 21:19 on March 19, I got off the hang-Rui Expressway tongcheng Station and returned to chongyang.Take a big truck to he Station, Jiangxia District, Wuhan at 21:50 on March 20th.At 8:30 on March 21, we will deliver the goods to Fengshu Road 3, Jingkai District, Wuhan.On March 22, he had dinner at no. 162 of He Station in Jiangxia District of Wuhan at 14:30. He returned to his residence in Chongyang at 20:50 and received quarantine at 22:50 as required.At present, chongyang County’s epidemic prevention and control headquarters is conducting emergency screening of close contacts, sub-close contacts and general contacts, and conducting nucleic acid sampling screening in key areas. The checked people have been brought under control, and corresponding areas have implemented standardized disinfection, containment and other control measures.Anyone who has overlapped with the above trajectory since March 15 is requested to report to the local community immediately and actively cooperate with epidemic prevention and control measures.The general public should continue to enhance their awareness, avoid medium-high risk areas, wear masks, maintain social distancing and pay attention to personal hygiene.If you have fever, cough and other symptoms, go to the nearest medical institution immediately under the premise of taking good personal protection.Chongyang COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters March 24, 2022 Source: Chongyang COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters