A year’s plan starts in spring!The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs took multiple measures to consolidate the foundation for grain harvests

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Today (Feb 4) is the start of spring, the 24 solar terms of the Lunar calendar. “Li” means the beginning and “spring” means warmth.The Beginning of Spring is the first solar term according to huainan Zi · Shi Zexun.The beginning of Spring marks the end of winter when all things are closed. It means the return of spring, the revival of all things and the germination of seeds.Since the Qin Dynasty, Start of Spring has been the beginning of spring in China.As the saying goes, the beginning of Spring is the end of the year, and the zodiac signs are also calculated from the beginning of spring.In other words, the year of the Tiger in the Chinese lunar calendar also begins with the start of Spring.As a Chinese saying goes, “A year’s plan starts with spring.” Traditionally, the Seasons are divided by “Four pillars”. This division implies the agricultural significance of “planting in spring, growing in summer, harvesting in autumn and storing in winter”, covering the whole process of the relationship between agricultural production and climate.The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs will take multiple measures to consolidate the foundation of grain harvest, according to an official with the ministry.According to the latest agricultural conditions, most of the winter wheat is now in the overwintering period, which is expected to start turning green in late February, and will enter the field peak around the Spring equinox on March 20.In south China, early rice seedlings began to be sown in late February, in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River in March, and in northeast China, corn and soybeans began to be sown around May Day.At present, many measures should be taken simultaneously to advance the preparation of spring farming in an orderly manner.The first is to use the current leisure to carry out irrigation and water conservancy construction, and continue to carry out wheat to promote weak to strong training.Two is the dispatch of spring ploughing spring pipe agricultural resources, transfer and transport shortage of varieties, at the same time the maintenance and debugging of agricultural machinery, to ensure the production needs of spring ploughing.The third is to timely study and judge the spring meteorological conditions, organize experts to carry out the survey of soil moisture diseases and insects in the seedling situation, formulate and issue targeted technical opinions.At present, the price of chemical fertilizer and other agricultural materials is high, and the supply of seeds, chemical fertilizers and pesticides is sufficient to meet the needs of spring farming production.(Article source: CCTV News client)