Zhou Qi’s return to CBA is basically confirmed!The new team is not xinjiang men’s basketball team, the fans cheered

2022-05-30 0 By

After zhou Qi broke up with the Xinjiang men’s basketball team, he chose to leave the CBA and join the Australian Union Melbourne Phoenix. This is not zhou Qi’s desire to go overseas, but a protest against the CBA rules. Zhou Qi really wants to stay in the CBA and play with his friends, so he will not only keep healthy but also be happy.After zhou Qi came to Melbourne Phoenix, the head coach also paid attention to him. His playing time in each game reached 28 minutes, but now it has been reduced to less than 15 minutes. The head coach’s time compression for Zhou Qi is not hard to see that his love period for Zhou Qi has passed.Recently, The Xinjiang men’s Basketball Team, Zhou Qi’s former employer, officially announced that they would give up zhou Qi’s priority to renew his contract. It is not hard to find that the team does not want to have anything to do with Zhou Qi after zhou Qi broke off with Xinjiang. However, Zhou Qi’s current strength is indeed strong and his physical quality is also higher.So why will Xinjiang officially waive Zhou Qi’s limited renewal right?This means that Zhou Qi will return to the CBA, after all, only xinjiang gave up the right of renewal, Zhou Qi can dare to come back, otherwise Xinjiang men’s basketball team is always stuck with Zhou Qi, will also be very uncomfortable, then zhou Qi’s new home is where.At present basically determine, Kevin is basically going to club and their own learned in overseas style of Europe and the United States basketball, swept to the CBA is basically, know the relationship between Kevin and pg is very good, liao basket de-jun han basically after the season on the bench, then housekeeper to liao basket very well indeed, but now you want a housekeeper is not only the liao basket,What do you think zhou qi will go to a team with a higher salary?Leave a comment in the comments section.