Yibin Pingshan public security police 6 hours to recover the loss

2022-05-30 0 By

Nowadays, wechat, Alipay and other online payment methods have been integrated into every aspect of life, bringing great convenience as well as some unexpected troubles.On February 10, pingbian police station received a report from the owner of a supermarket in Pingbian Township: A man left the store without paying for cigarettes worth 1,400 yuan.After receiving the report, the police rushed to the scene immediately to carry out the relevant investigation.After inquiry, it was found that this happened on February 9. On that day, the boss carelessly and mistakenly thought that the customer had paid successfully and did not pay attention to it. He found the problem when calculating the account in the evening and called the police the next day.The interests of the masses are no small matter, the police took the video surveillance of the supermarket and the surrounding stores, checked and screened 9 suspicious vehicles for 4 hours, through a series of efforts, finally locked the “suspect”, only 6 hours was found.Police check monitoring after investigation to understand, buy cigarettes man g crowe (not his real name) on the day of shopping in the supermarket sweep yards after payment, the merchants and the per capita thought payment success, home after crowe also has not left the matter to heart, until the next day police telephone contact, he told his behavior may be suspected of illegal, crowe, show a case to the police station in time,And pay the payment to the supermarket owner face to face, sincerely apologize to them.See the police eager to help themselves, quickly for its back to the loss, the supermarket boss thanked the police.Attention: Pingshan public security reminds the general public, when using wechat, Alipay and other mobile payment tools, the buyer and seller must confirm the amount of payment in person, the receipt of account and other circumstances, do not be careless, so as to avoid the subsequent trouble of unfinished transaction payment.Source: Pingshan Public Security