Why is it right for Tongshun Lane to celebrate the Lantern Festival as Chinese Valentine’s Day?

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“Tongshun Lane” is an old street in Hohhot with “ancient style of Ming and Qing Dynasties”. Its neighbor street “Seishang Old Street” has become a “national cultural and leisure block and a gathering area of night culture and tourism consumption”. During the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, the “Lantern Festival” here is celebrated as “Traditional Chinese Valentine’s Day”.And let the lovers, lovers to come to “hanging red light, grab a red envelope, tables, hearts, prize roses”, at the same time, the performance ErRenTai, climbing the mountain love song, “lantern riddle” activities, is “the roadside flowers don’t pick, the Lantern Festival of roses waiting for you to pick a”, is equivalent to using the fourteenth, 15 and 16 for 3 consecutive days,Popularized the “Lantern Festival is valentine’s Day” cultural knowledge.So, what is the historical basis for “Tongshun Lane” to restore “Lantern Festival” to “Chinese traditional Valentine’s Day”?”Yuanxiao Valentine’s Day” why 3 days?Why can “Western Valentine’s Day” on February 14 (the 14th day of the first lunar month) be “combined” in “Chinese traditional Valentine’s Day”?This deserves research and attention.As the saying goes, “Lovers all become Sentimentally attached, make Lantern Festival to share happiness.”The fifteenth day of the “Lantern Festival” is the ancient “Chinese traditional valentine’s day”, the ancient China, the lady out of the house, experience ShengShiHe han song dynasty, almost only “the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival” ms can “see lanterns, temple fair”, taking “dating Mr Right, looking for Mr Right, become” a culture of valentine’s day “.During the Tang Dynasty, the 14th, 15th and 16th of the first lunar month were the three days of “Chinese Valentine’s Day”.”Tang Hui” volume 49 “burning lamp” records: “Tianbao three November rescript.Every load is still on the fifteenth day of the first month to open the city lights, as a routine.”Since then, the Lantern Festival (14, 15, 16) lanterns lanterns, the carnival, from the emperor and generals, down to the people, men, women and children are widely involved in the Lantern Festival into “Valentine’s Day, carnival”.The Lantern Festival, which is celebrated on the 15th day of the first lunar month, has a history of more than 2,000 years.The Lantern Festival is also called Shangyuan Festival or Spring Lantern Festival.On the 15th night of the first lunar month, Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty offered sacrifices to “Tai Yi” in Ganquan Palace, which was regarded by later generations as the prelude of offering sacrifices to the god of heaven.From dusk, all night long with lights sacrifice, thus formed the later fifteenth day of the lantern decorated, night tour lanterns custom.Yue Shu, records of the Grand Historian, said, “The Han family sacrificed Tai Yi to the Ming Dynasty in the twilight.”The Lantern Festival is a national carnival in ancient China.In ancient China, women were subject to the rules of ethics, and there were some feudal ethical and moral restrictions on women’s activities outside. The Book of Changes stipulates that “women are upright inside and men are upright outside”.Unmarried girls are “three steps out of the door”, only the Lantern Festival to go out to watch the lights play.Countless men and women took this opportunity to wipe out the spark of love, men and women can go out, easy to love stories.These lovers in the yuan Evening night or the beginning of the alliance under the moon, or shall be married.The Lantern Festival is also called “Chinese Valentine’s Day”.Famous poet Su Shi once wrote: “Lights qiantang three or five nights, the bright moon like frost, picturesque.Yuanxiao is a major festival of different dynasties, night without curfew, people see lights, view, shopping, consumption, women can go down the embroidery floor, out of the boudoir “name see lights, real see people”, and even “eat dumplings, see lanterns, guess lantern riddles, looking for the sweetheart…”Blend into the carnival night.”The fifteenth day of the first lunar month make yuanxiao”, a “make” character, the way to do the joy of yuanxiao.This national carnival custom, song, Ming, Qing increased the “dragon dance, lion dance, dragon lantern, guess lantern riddles, walking on stilts, yangko dance” and other content, is the Spring Festival in the custom of the grand finale.In the lunar calendar, the first lunar month is the Yuanyue, the ancients called night “xiao” or “Xi”, as the first full moon night, so the 15th day of the first lunar month is also known as yuan Xi, Yuan Night.The Lantern Festival is also called Shangyuan Festival.The Lantern Festival is also called the Lantern Festival because of the customs of burning lanterns, putting lanterns, and enjoying lanterns.Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty designated the 15th day of the first lunar month as the “Happy Day with the people”.The Taoists of Wei and Jin dynasties set the 15th day of the first lunar month as shangyuan, the 15th day of July as Zhongyuan, and the 15th day of October as Xiyuan, which are called Sanyuan. It is a traditional Chinese festival of sanyuan, in which heaven officials enjoy music, earth officials and water officials enjoy lanterns.Emperor Mingdi of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the fifteenth day of the first month for the Buddha god changed day, held Lantern Festival, to show Buddha worship, later gradually formed the “Lantern Festival”.Historical records clearly record the custom of the fifteenth day in the Southern and Northern Dynasties.”Biography of Erzhu Wenchang in The Book of The Northern Qi Dynasty” records: ‘Since the old customs of the Wei family, the night of the fifteenth day of the first lunar month as the play of bamboo clusters,’ achieved great development in the Sui and Tang Dynasties.Eating yuanxiao is one of the most well-known customs of the Lantern Festival. Historical records show that this custom was popular in the Song Dynasty.The Lantern Festival is another important custom.On the 14th night of the first lunar month, “lamp test” is usually started. On the 15th night, people point lamps, also known as “lamp sending”.According to records, during the reign of Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty, chang ‘an had a huge lantern market with “fifty thousand burning lanterns” and a wide variety of lanterns.Song Dynasty famous poet Xin Qiji’s Lantern Festival “Green jade case · Yuan Xi”, long-term selected language teaching materials, describes the lively scene of the Lantern Festival: “Dongfeng night thousands of trees flowers.More blown, stars such as rain.BMW carved car fragrance full road.With the sound of the flute and the light of the jade pot, fish and dragons dance all night long.””Moths and snow willows and gold wisps.The laughter is fragrant.looking for him for thousand times in the crowdSuddenly look back, that person is, lights dim.”This song refers to “Lantern Festival” and “Chinese Valentine’s Day”.”Wu Lin Old Story” recorded the southern Song Dynasty capital Of Lin ‘an fu scholars watching the light market situation: “the capital of the scholars, Luo Qi like clouds, cover without night or otherwise.Song Dynasty Ouyang Xiu “health check son · Yuan Evening” : “last year when the Yuan Night, flower market lights such as day, on the willow head, people about dusk.Yuan Night this year, the month and the lamp is still.See last year, tears full spring shirt sleeve.”From a female perspective, the poem describes the sorrow and sadness of missing the beloved on Lantern Festival.It seems that Hohhot city in the “jam on the old street a tongshun lane”, the “Lantern Festival” when the “Chinese traditional Valentine’s Day” to lead, let the world lovers “hang red lights, grab red envelopes, table red hearts, rose”, embodies the ingenious combination of traditional culture and modern culture.Let the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first lunar month return to the original nature of “Chinese traditional Valentine’s Day”.