Shaanxi Coal Group won the provincial SasAC steady growth outstanding contribution award

2022-05-30 0 By

On the morning of January 29, good news came from the 2022 Provincial State-owned assets System work conference, shaanxi Coal Group won the Award of Outstanding Contribution to Steady Growth.At the meeting, Yang Zhaogan, secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Shaanxi Coal Group, made an exchange speech on behalf of the group, and signed the letter of Responsibility for business Performance of the person in charge of provincial enterprises in 2022. Yan Guanglao, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of shaanxi Coal Group, accepted the award on behalf of the group.Yang Zhaogan, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Shaanxi Coal Group, made an exchange speech at the meeting. Yang zhaogan made an exchange speech titled “Overall planning, Precise Force, Strive to write a new chapter of the High-quality development of Shaanxi Coal”.He said that since last year, Shaanxi Coal Group has taken striving for world-class development as the goal, promoting high-quality development as the theme, focusing on reform and innovation, putting “guarantee” as the priority, fully implementing the deployment of energy price stabilization and supply guarantee in The province, and demonstrating its responsibility for high-quality development.We strengthened benchmarking management, cost management, and energy consumption management. We organized production in a scientific way, adjusted products, and rationalized inventories. As a result, profits in these four industries increased 3.6 times year on year, laying a solid foundation for high-quality development.With reform as the source, we will follow the principles of top-level design, standardization first, system guidance, results-oriented, oversight and evaluation, and launch a three-year campaign for SOE reform to stimulate high-quality growth drivers.”Innovation” as the word, to integrate into the original construction of Qin As an opportunity to create a new innovation base of Shaanxi coal, forging high-quality development engine;”Harmony” as the core, adhere to the Party building to lead high-quality development, continue to amplify the integration of Party building and production and business operation, strengthen high-quality party building to lead.The future work, will resolutely implement the provincial government of shanxi coal all policy decisions, the full implementation of the provincial state-owned assets supervision and administration requirements and the conference spirit, emancipate the mind, reform and innovation, make persistent efforts, to create the world first-class enterprise bigger strides on the road, to write a new chapter contribution assets state-owned enterprises and high quality development in shaanxi province “shanxi coal scheme” and “shanxi coal power”.In 2021, Shaanxi Coal Group will focus on improving the quality of development, deepen supply-side structural reform as the main line, and take scientific and technological innovation as the fundamental driving force.Struggling to create a new situation that the construction of the world first-class enterprise in the following the supply security and intelligence development, big green promotion logic, adhere to seek improvement in stability and “three changes” not relax, precision push clasp, eight focus on “eight” work deployment, the full implementation of steady price for protecting, promoting intelligent upgrade, to complete the major task, made history.The annual revenue reached 395.2 billion yuan, up 16% year on year;Its profit doubled to 37.2 billion yuan.Coal production and sales exceeded 200 million tons, power generation exceeded 40 billion KWH, and coal chemical products were 18.35 million tons, crude steel 12.39 million tons, cement, sand and aggregate 13 million tons.The annual investment was 26.1 billion yuan, exceeding the target set by sasAC.It is reported that the provincial SASAC commended the stable growth of enterprises, shaanxi SasAC commended a total of 6 “stable growth outstanding contribution to the enterprise”.