Guigang Public Security Bureau to implement the “five one” measures to do a good job of police power maintenance work

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In recent years, Guigang Public Security Bureau has promoted the work of protecting the rights of the police as a key work, implemented the “five one” measures, and built a comprehensive and efficient network of protecting the rights of the police in the city’s public security organs, which has achieved good results.Since 2021, the two levels of public security organs in The city have investigated and dealt with 13 cases of attacking police and 14 illegal persons.There were 3 cases of malicious complaint and false accusation, and 3 illegal persons were dealt with;In accordance with the law, 19 police (auxiliary police) who had been infringed or attacked were granted rights protection, 15 of whom were paid compensation of 10,200 yuan, and 2 of whom were cleared and rehabilitated, thus effectively safeguarding the law enforcement authority of the police.Full escort for the police law enforcement authority “an agency” “one way” “a channel”, “a group of legal aid,” “a project” “a body” : the two city, county level public security organs set up maintenance working committee and office police law enforcement authority, rights protection committee, director of the city, county by the “head”, forms the powerful force of rights protection work.”One method” : namely, the Implementation Method of Guigang Public Security Organs encouraging Police officers to Take on the Role of Clarifying and Justifying their Names (Trial), so that the work of safeguarding rights can be followed by rules and bases.The supervision department of the Municipal Bureau actively started the clarification process, to clarify the name of the police, eliminate the negative impact, effectively for the courage to take on, practical work, not selfish interests of the “strong”, “dry” support.”One channel” : namely, the “Green channel” for emergency treatment of injuries and diseases caused by police (auxiliary police) on duty, the three-level medical treatment channel of “autonomous Region, city and county” has been established, and agreements have been signed with 23 medical institutions including Guigang People’s Hospital.Since 2021, 16 civilian police (auxiliary police) have received immediate and effective medical treatment through the “Green Channel”.”A legal aid mission” : that is, the Legal Aid Mission for rights.The team hired lawyers from Guangxi Guiting Law Firm to provide legal advice and litigation services for the police (auxiliary police) and police families, with a total of 3 person-times in 2021.”A project” : namely rescue comfort warm alarm project.When the police were injured, party committees at all levels and the “Rights protection Committee” attached great importance to them and actively treated and consoled them. Since 2021, a total of 19 police (auxiliary police) who were infringed or attacked were entitled to protect their rights, and 15 people received a total of 10,200 yuan as compensation, which greatly encouraged the morale of the public security team and the police.Guigang Municipal Public Security Bureau through the implementation of the “five one” work measures to make the city’s public security organs police power maintenance work on the prevention in advance, intervention in the event, afterwards comfort of a virtuous cycle track0771-12340 is the autonomous region public opinion survey center to carry out a random survey of the social public security telephone.If you feel that the hard work of the police is worthy of recognition, please be patient and give a fair evaluation when receiving a call, your answer is directly related to the image of Guigang city, your affirmation and satisfaction is the biggest working power of the city’s police, thank you!