“Epidemic prevention and control” Jinan positive infected persons by bus details announced, if there is a coincidence report!

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Brt-5 bus (license plate no. : LUA06872D) : From Jinan Railway Station to Jinan East Coach Station from 8:10 to 8:50 on March 28.Brt-971 bus (license plate No. : LuAH0719) : 9:15-10:54, March 28, Jinan Coach East Station to Zhangqiu Passenger Terminal station;March 28, 15:00-16:00, Nobel station to Yanshan overpass east station.Brt-971 bus (license plate no. : LUA06700F) : From oct Joy Hub Station to Jinan East Coach Station from 16:35 to 17:56 on March 28;Brt-971 bus (license plate No. : Lu A03369F) : From 8:09 to 9:38 on March 29, Jinan Coach East Station to Shengjing Street Station;Brt-971 bus (license plate no. : LUA06757F) : 7:50-9:02, March 29, Yanshan Overpass North Station to Shandong University of Finance and Economics (Shengjing Campus) Station;Brt-971 bus (license plate no. : LuA06799F) : 13:50-14:35, March 29, Zhangqiu Cultural Expo Park Station to Xing Village Overpass Bus station;3. Zhangqiu Bus 110 (license plate No. : Lu AB6539) : 12:28-13:00, March 28, Zhangqiu Bus Station to Diao Zhen Hospital Station.4. Zhangqiu K601 Rural Bus (license plate No. : LuAH0669) : From 10:45 to 11:40 on March 28, stop at The Intersection of Eizhuang Road to the Government Station of Duozhuang Town.5.K115 bus (license plate No. : LuA03983D) : 9:42-10:23, March 28, yanshan Overpass East Station to Tangye Bus Hub.6.517 Community Bus (license plate No. : LuA08511F) : From 10:23 to 10:35 on March 28, Tang Ye Bus Hub will arrive at Century Avenue Station, West Tang Ye Road.7.T115 bus (license plate No. : LuA05805D) : From 18:02 to 19:09, March 28, Tang Ye Bus Hub to Qianfoshan Hospital Station.K51 bus (license plate no. : LUAH1953) : From 19:10 to 19:24 on March 28, Qianfo Mountain Hospital station to Baotu Spring Dongmen Station.K66 bus (license plate no. : LUA05891D) : From 19:25 to 19:38 on March 28, Baotu Spring East Gate station to Daming Lake west Gate Station.K151 bus (license plate No. : LuA02575F) : From 15:30 to 15:40 on March 28, yanshan Overpass East Station to Yanshan Overpass West Station.K202 bus (license plate No. : Luah2632) : From 16:33 to 17:40, March 28, Yanshan Overpass West Station to Dexing Street Station.Zhangqiu No. 21 Bus (license plate No. : Lu A05208D) : 10:37-10:49, March 28, From Shengjing Street Station to Qilu Normal University Station;Zhangqiu No. 21 bus (license plate No. : LuA05927D) : From 16:22 to 16:35 on March 28, Qilu Normal University will stop at Oct Joy Hui Station;Zhangqiu No. 21 Bus (license plate No. : LuAB6293) : 9:40-9:53 on March 29, From Shengjing Street Station to Qilu Normal University Station;Zhangqiu No. 21 bus (license plate No. : LuA05675D) : From 13:17 to 13:24, March 29, Qilu Normal University station to Zhangqiu Shengshi International Station.13.792 Passenger bus (license plate No. : LuAH0786) : 10:50-11:46, March 29, Jinan Long-distance Passenger Transport Center to Liuzhuang Station.14.K109 bus (license plate no. : LuA03506D) : From 11:46 to 11:58 on March 29, From Liuzhuang Station to Xiaoxinzhuang West Street Station via No.10 North road.K11 bus (license plate No. : Lu A00567F) : 8:06-8:34, March 29, from the west gate of Daming Lake to the East Road of Second Ring, Huayuan Road.16.K163 bus (license plate No. : Lu A07170D) : 8:36am-9:40pm, March 29, from Huayuan Road, East 2nd Ring Road to Century Avenue, West Tangye Road.17.K27 bus (license plate No. : LuA02661F) : From 9:00 to 9:30 on March 29, pass No. 10 road and pass no. 7 Road to The Second People’s Hospital station of Shandong Province;K27 bus (license plate no. : LuA02693F) : From 11:00 to 11:30 on March 29, from Shandong Second People’s Hospital Station to Jingshi Road Station and Jingqi Road Station.K50 bus (license plate No. : Lu A03132F) : 6:50-7:35 a.m., March 29, from Jiege Street Station to Yanshan Overpass North Station;Citizens who coincide with the above activities are requested to take the initiative to report to the CDC and take nucleic acid tests immediately. During this period, they should not take public transport or go to public places to cooperate with the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures.All citizens are requested to tighten the leash of epidemic prevention and control, maintain good personal hygiene habits, wear masks, wash hands frequently, ventilate frequently, gather less frequently, and do a good job of self-health monitoring. If symptoms such as fever, cough, fatigue, loss of smell and taste occur, please go to the nearest fever clinic with a medical mask.If the spread of the epidemic is caused by concealing contact information, relevant personnel will be investigated for legal responsibility in accordance with the law.Jinan Municipal Party Committee coordinating epidemic Prevention and Control and Economic Operation Leading Group (Headquarters) March 31, 2022 Source: Jinan Municipal Health Commission Review: Xu Mei Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn