“Disconnection phenomenon” is more and more common, young people are reluctant to go to relatives, more relatives more upset?

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Every New Year is upset, think carefully: these worries are not relatives to give?”How much do you make a year?””Why don’t you bring home a boyfriend/girlfriend?””When are you going to have a second or third child?”Similar to the above problem if it is from the mouth of parents, it is really the real concern, but if it is seven aunts, eight aunts, neighbors on your soul torture, do you feel or care?For most relatives, they ask these questions under the guise of “concern” to keep up with the Joneses: if someone else’s child is doing better than his own, he will feel depressed and even make up rumors to mock;If his children do better than others, he feels proud and proud!As a result, many young people returning to their hometowns are not only disgusted, but even hate the idea of visiting relatives.If it were not for the pride of their parents and the ability to stand tall in the village, most young people would rather stay at home with their mobile phones than go out!This is the phenomenon of divorce!Disconnection refers to the young people born in the 1990s or 2000s who are increasingly unfamiliar with the relatives of the older generation. Many young people are reluctant to contact relatives. As time goes by, if it is not the blood relationship, many people will never meet.This kind of quietly rising phenomenon of disconnection makes people feel special: the feelings between people are becoming more and more indifferent, is it because the utilitarian abandoned the family?Or is it because family love is no longer the “backer” of young people?At present in our country, in the period of social change to social system, greatly small to folk custom, a series of reform blustery, broken production of hydrophilic phenomenon is also under the social change, and three causes a that nots allow to ignore, regional concept in the era of a generation of people living on less and less, the village is on a journey, basic is little more to go abroad now, traffic information is out-of-the-way,Their social circle is basically in the village, or at most neighboring villages.And material conditions are particularly scarce, must be through the neighbors to help each other in order to better survive.Whether it is the rigid demand of material conditions, or the mutual communication of emotion, whether it is the forced life, or the initiative of emotion, all require them to attach importance to the relationship between relatives and neighbors.With the development of The Times, now the traffic information is particularly developed, many young people go out to work in big cities to seek better opportunities, they rarely go home once a year.People’s feelings only become more and more close, long-term exile makes young people to relatives and neighbors more dilute.Moreover, the material conditions are so favorable that everyone can live a happy life through self-reliance without any help from others.Two, the wind of comparison is increasingly popular!In the era of material scarcity, most people were poor, lacking food and clothing, and poor people were all poor together. At that time, few people went out to work and the family lived together. Although they were relatively poor in material, they were quite rich in spirit.Poor jingling, naturally there is nothing to compare!Now people’s material life is more and more rich, the appetite of the people, the desire for material can never be satisfied, from the initial food and clothing to the present well-off, house, car, tickets are the same can not be less.However, the ugly human nature has not become kinder because of the improvement of material conditions. On the contrary, there are more and more ridicule, jealousy and comparison, neither adding to the good, nor helping others in need. People’s obsession is to avoid others living better lives than themselves.Therefore, visiting relatives on holidays, most of the relatives and friends of the soul torture on the surface looks full of care, but in fact it is secretly competitive!Third, the kinship is only the continuation of the blood of the previous generation of young people think that the kinship is only the continuation of the blood relationship of the previous generation!Due to differences in material conditions, ideas, manners and other aspects of life, many relatives visit each other less and less frequently. Most of them just visit each other when they have a banquet or a wedding or wedding, but usually they do not communicate with each other.The strained relations of relatives make everyone very tired, the more such relatives, the more upset, rather than so it is better to break the close!The wheel of history is always moving forward, with the change of people’s ideas, “divorce phenomenon” has become an inevitable social phenomenon, it is the inevitable outcome of social reform, whether you can accept it or not?”Divorce” will quietly rise!Do you think “divorce” is people’s indifference to affection, or the inevitable development of society?Let us know what you think in the comments section.