Wu Jing: Epidemic prevention and control should not be relaxed, nor should chronic disease prevention and control be slow

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Wu Jing, director of Chronic Disease Center of China CDC, appeared on “Talk of Healthy China” to share the theme of “Chronic disease planning and Medical Big Data”.Director Wu Jing believes that the scope and harm of chronic diseases are far beyond ordinary people’s imagination. Chronic diseases are classified into more than 1000 kinds according to international standards. Common chronic diseases are mainly composed of five categories: cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, tumors, diabetes, chronic respiratory diseases and mental health diseases.”Chronic diseases have now gone from blowout to tsunami.” The death rate in China has exceeded 88.6%, making it the top health killer in China.With the improvement of medical conditions, patients with chronic diseases are living longer and their mortality rates are falling.However, the number of patients with chronic diseases is still increasing due to poor lifestyle control and large patient base.Therefore, she proposed the strategy of 5×5 (5 categories of chronic diseases ×5 categories of risk factors) for the prevention and control of chronic diseases, with the whole society shouldering the responsibility of prevention and control, realizing the whole chain of “prevention and control, health management and protection”, jointly implementing prevention first, combining medical treatment with prevention, and combining medical treatment with medical treatment, so as to build a pattern of joint construction and sharing by all and benefiting all.”Genetics loads the gun, but whether the trigger pulls depends on lifestyle.”The increase of life expectancy and the effective prevention and control of infectious diseases are important reasons for the prominent proportion of chronic diseases.However, aging population cannot explain all the reasons behind it, such as the trend of cancer in younger age, cancer has been found to be in the middle and advanced stage, and mental health problems that are easily ignored are worth pondering.At the national level, the four special actions for chronic diseases in the “Healthy China Action (2019-2030)” have stipulated the disease screening cycle and related risk factors, and put forward the view of whole-life cycle management.At the individual level, the awareness of early and active screening of high-risk groups should be established, and health education is a social vaccine.Due to the impact of the epidemic, the window period for the prevention and control of chronic diseases has been shortened, and great changes have taken place in the concept, technical means and mode of prevention and control.We must speed up development in the post-epidemic era.People with underlying diseases, especially chronic diseases, should be given more attention and help because their symptoms are easily covered up.The prevention and control of chronic diseases is also very beneficial to the prevention and control of infectious diseases.Referring to “Internet +” enabling chronic disease management, Wu Jing believes that “Internet +” is only a technical means, which plays a role of adding wings to the tiger in the prevention and control of chronic diseases.But what is more important is that in the post-epidemic era, epidemic prevention and control should not be slack, and chronic disease prevention and control should not be slow. Grasping the four engines of law, policy, planning and practice can accelerate the development of chronic disease prevention and control.The prevention and control of chronic diseases in half of the countries was affected or even interrupted during the epidemic, but China deserves commendation for its effective measures such as remote consultation, remote drug delivery and online medical reimbursement.Wu Jing believes that new technologies like big data are a double-edged sword, bringing convenience on the one hand and a series of problems on the other hand, especially data security.She advocates the concept of joint construction, sharing and interconnection while unifying standards and strictly observing data security regulations and rules, so as to further improve efficiency.Finally, Wu Jing explained the link between chronic disease prevention and control and rural revitalization. Poor chronic disease prevention and control can lead to increased medical costs, reduced quality of life and happiness, and heavy family burden.Through the method of prevention, we reduce the medical expenses caused by illness of the people in poor areas, and help them promote and sell local pollution-free green health products, and give consideration to both source and expenditure.In addition, they will be empowered remotely and provided with technical guidance through information-based means to consolidate their achievements in poverty alleviation and the establishment of a consortium to promote rural revitalization and health through multiple measures.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn