Using immunity to sell drugs?A former US diplomat has been arrested in Russia

2022-05-29 0 By

Russia’s Interior Ministry confirmed Tuesday that an American citizen was arrested at a Moscow airport for carrying drugs.A former diplomat at the US embassy in Russia, he’s been charged with drug smuggling and possession.Russian police are still investigating the case.The Russian Interior Ministry said that in August last year, Us citizen Fogle and his wife flew from New York to Moscow, airport customs officers found he had drugs on him.Vogel was later arrested by Russian police.Interior Ministry spokeswoman Elena Babano said the marijuana was hidden in a contact lens case and cannabis oil was found in an e-cigarette case, all wrapped in polyethylene and hidden in a sneaker.The Interior Ministry said Mr. Fogle was working as a teacher at an international school in Moscow and was a former employee of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow when he was arrested.Until Last May, he and his wife had diplomatic immunity.According to the investigation team, Fogel may have used that status to establish a conduit for supplying drugs to Russia for sale in the schools where he taught.The U.S. Embassy in Moscow said in a statement that it was monitoring the situation but declined to comment further, citing privacy concerns.source