The meteor hit the Earth in dazzling green and blue flames, burning up and falling to the ground in a spectacular scene

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According to England “daily star reported on January 30, 29 people in Scotland, England and wales, and later parts of the continent saw burning bright green and blue flame of rock, it burns in the earth’s atmosphere and crashed on the ground, the scene is very spectacular meteor hit the earth, that witnesses felt very shocked.People across the UK reported seeing a flaming meteor lighting up the sky – a spectacle that amazed those who witnessed it.Viewers saw blue and green burning rocks across much of Scotland and parts of England and Wales, but reports of a meteor streaking across the sky came from the Netherlands.After streaking across the sky, the meteor burns up and breaks up in earth’s atmosphere before its debris falls to the ground.The UKMeteorNetwork confirmed the sighting, sharing a black and white image of the object on their twitter account.The UK streaming star network -@UKMeteorNetwork- tweeted: “The Large # Fireball meteor was observed by UKMON at 18:48:26 tonight, 29 January 2022.”Hundreds of people quickly shared comments and also saw the incredible view, with some even managing to capture the spectacle on their dashcam.Christopher Bosman wrote on Twitter: “I saw this photo last night over Aberdeen in North-East Scotland.It is very large, with a very bright white core and a main tail ending in green.Absolutely incredible and breathtaking.Sue Bond-Taylor added: “Thanks to @ukMeteorNetwork for confirming that we did indeed see a meteor over Boroughbridge in Yorkshire tonight, I’m not crazy!!””Beautiful golden fireball with a blue tail.What a sight!This is a shooting star.’I saw it from Holland!It was very bright and had a white and green tail, “said Marcel Schmeir.An onlooker told the Daily Record: ‘It came from nowhere, it was speeding along and it started falling as it flew overhead.’Stargazers in North Wales told NORTH Wales TV: “It’s developing so fast that we all wonder if we’ve got it wrong.I’m so glad you posted this video, it makes me feel like I’m not just a spectator.”According to encyclopedia information, the meteor is the object into the atmosphere at high speed with the air friction combustion and the light we see across the sky bright line, meteorite is the meteor has not burned out and fell down the solid part.In general, meteorites are rare and valuable. Earlier, a 2.1kg meteorite from an Indonesian man was identified as 4.5 billion years old, containing rare alien metal elements and worth more than 10 million yuan.